Top 6 Alluring Logo Design Trends For 2020

Top 6 Alluring Logo Design Trends For 2020

We all remember the logo of multinational companies, as it’s designed with a really nice amalgamation of colors, fonts, shapes, and other elements. It’s a visual identity of the brand, people would never forget the attractive business logo design of any company. It’s a reflection of the brand value, mission, and vision, so it must represent the company uniquely in the market.

Companies are investing a lot of money to craft a tempting logo from a logo design company. As people want to see the latest every day, their logo must be designed by following the trends. From the last few years, the design industry has seen remarkable changes and many trends have come. While crafting a Logo design, it’s the designer’s responsibility to consider all these updates in mind and deliver the best outcome.

Logo plays a significant role to make a great positive impression on the first attempt. People will surely judge your company based on the design of your logo you have, so nicely designed can divert the interest of people towards your company. Let’s dive into some of the salient points of a design trend that you can consider while designing a logo. 

01. Line art

Line art is a cleaned and simplified form of the logo which is perfectly suitable to convey the important message effectively without many effects.

This type of logo looks nicely in black and white colors also. A beautifully crafted line art custom logo design can easily convey an important message to the customer of the company. That is what the primary aim of the logo. It’s the easiest way to capture the attention of people towards your brand. Moreover, it’s also an important point to consider that while creating a line art logo, it must look simple, do not make it more complex, otherwise, people won’t get the message portrayed in the logo.

Therefore, it’s the best time to craft a line art logo and present a unique design in front of the people. 

02. Animated design

Another widely accepted design trend in 2020. Animate Your Logo to promote your brand in a new and fun way.

Want to hold the attention of people with your company then includes the motion or animation in your custom logo design. Specifically, a brand that sells the product for children, then the animated logo would be the best solution for them. Additionally, an animated logo can effectively narrate the brand story in a very interesting manner, which everyone can understand. 

If you want to do digital marketing for your company, at that time, the logo with a little bit animated can beat the competitors and make a great impression among customers. Thus, it’s a mostly used trend currently to give your brand a distinct identity.

03. Storytelling logo

It’s highly essential to have some meaning or story behind the business logo design. Storytelling logo helps users to understand the message that the company wants to convey.

Before jumping into the designing part, you need to have thorough research if you want to make a storytelling logo. Because each and every element of the logo is a reflection of some meaning. Therefore, choose wisely every element like colors, fonts, shapes, and many others. In this case, the help from any logo design company would deliver a perfect design. 

Many popular is moving towards this trend to display some message using logo design. For instance, in the logo of National Geographics, the rectangle is a reflection that says that it was started out as a magazine, and yellow color denotes the sun, which shines everywhere around the world as the channel does. 

04. 3D designs

As the trend comes, people are moving from simple designs to the 3D effects which can easily capture the attention of people. 

If you want to make a great online presence then surely 3D custom logo design would impress the customers. It is perfectly suitable in digital media and gives a very aesthetic look. Today many business logo designs are built with 3D effects by combining layers of fonts, shapes, images and many other elements. It gives designers a chance to add a variety of colors and effects in a single logo to make it alluring. Each and every element of the 3D logo would be eye-catching and engaging for customers which might not be possible with the 2D designs.

Thus, it’s golden time to modify your logo or design a fresh one with 3D effects, as people are like this new trend of designing.

05. Gradients

If you want to add more than one color in a single design then the gradient is the best option. Without it, you can’t get amazing effects for your business logo design.

To get the nice effects of the gradient, you must have a good knowledge of the combination of various colors. Otherwise, you won’t get the proper outcome of the effects. Use gradient in such a way that it can enhance the overall look of the design. The professionally executed gradient can give your brand a valuable identity. Furthermore, the best part of this trend is that it looks both, online and offline.

06. Simplicity

Simplicity in a design always remains the trend, no matter what latest comes in the market. 

If you want to showcase the professionalism of your company then the simple design can fulfill this demand. It’s true that simple custom logo design can win customer’s trust easily than the complex design. A logo with the minimal design is mostly adaptable in every situation like website, social media, offline posters and many more. Moreover, you can also use only a text logo to make it simple, no need to add any special effects. Hence, without any effects, you can attract the customer towards your customer.


In this digital world, it’s important to have an online presence to get visible by maximum people. To do that, a company must have an eye-catching logo as an identity. With the help of the logo design company craft an impressive logo, the above-mentioned trend will help you in that case. Following a trend is the best way to create a shiny and alluring logo.

Author Bio:- Andrew Simon is a content and branding specialist working with a renowned Logo design company ProDesigns that assures an accurate and consistent brand message that is delivered to the audience. He loves to explore the latest technologies and trends.

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