Difference Between Conventional Parenting And Digital Parenting

Difference Between Conventional Parenting And Digital Parenting

Parenting refers to monitoring all the activities of the children for the sake of their safety and addressing their needs. Parents need to keep a check on all the whereabouts of the child in order to maintain the family balance. 

The evolution of technology has changed the dynamics of parenting. The old days when parents forbid the children to go outside without a guardian are gone. Now, the parents need to watch their child’s activities over the internet and social media spy app; although internet facilitates everyone, including children in all aspects, but with the good comes the bad. 

For children, there are more negatives as compared to positives over the internet and social media. The inappropriate content that is available over the World Wide Web can spoil the moral as well as the social structure of the society. Moreover, the frequency of harassment and cyber bullying cases is hiking up day by day over social media. The root cause of the problem is unsupervised internet and social media access, as the kids share their personal information with strangers and get trapped by criminals. So, for the said purpose, effective parenting should be incorporated.

In Abstract, There Are Mainly Two Types Of Parenting

  • Conventional Parenting
  • Digital Parenting

Conventional Parenting

Conventional parenting is further classified into authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, and uninvolved parenting. 

  • Authoritarian Parenting 

This type of parenting involves developing and imposing rules and regulations on the children. The parents do not compromise on the rules and ask the children to follow them.

  • Authoritative Parenting

In this parenting style, the parents devise rules and strictly warn the children of facing the consequences in case of not following them. But, the parents do incorporate suggestions and opinions of the children while making the rules. 

  • Permissive Parenting

In this style of parenting, parents remain quite friendly with their children; rules are made right with the consent of the children. Moreover, parents don’t come hard at children in case for not following the rules. 

  • Uninvolved Parenting

This is the unique of all, in this domain; parents stay irrelevant of their child. They have nothing to do with their child, no complaints and no demands. This parenting style proves to be deadliest in the lives of children. 

Digital Parenting

The other type of parenting is digital parenting. In this type of parenting, the parents stalk all the activities of their child over the mobile phone, usage of internet, social media, and other installed apps.

There are many services in place that address the needs of the parents in tracking their child, but OgyMogy provides a stand-out service. OgyMogy social media spy app is the leading corporation that proposes solutions for tracking and monitoring of employees

OgyMogy – Best Social Media Tracker


OgyMogy has a proven record of spying on children. The app is helping the parents a lot. It provides a number of features that are vitally important for the safety and security of the kids over social media and other platforms. 

The stand-out feature of the app is that it spies all the activities and communication taken place through the target phone over all the social networking apps. The apps include Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Instagram, Viber, and Snapchat. It furnishes the end-user with a full hand into spying the chats, multimedia shared and received, and provides access to listen or record all the calls made through the respective app. 

A feature of the app adds to the security of the child as well; the feature allows tracking the real-time location of the child. The app generates log of all the locations visited and notifies the end-user. The feature also allows geo-fencing of the movement of the target device. The end-user can allocate allowed and forbidden zones to visit for the target device; every time the target user breaks out of the prescribed boundaries, the app notifies the end-user about the movement.


It is concluded that for the sake of the child’s safety and security, parents should incorporate a combination of conventional and digital parenting. The combination can be handy in organizing the lives of the children. Moreover, it can safeguard them from hazards of social media, which are nowadays commonly in practice i.e. harassment, cyber bullying.

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