Common Laptop Display Problems & Solutions

Common Laptop Display Problems & Solutions

Nothing is more baffling than to see your laptop failing to run. You spend a lot of money on this device and depend on it for your work or to use it personally, so it is genuinely troublesome when your laptop experiences issues that need repair. Some issues related to hardware are very regular in laptops for which people look for laptop insurance. However, you might troubleshoot the problem and get a handy solution. 

The issues with laptop screens are quite familiar, yet they are also severe because, without the screen, your laptop is totally unusable, except if connected to a different display/monitor. Even if that still shows you some images, it can be quite irritating to see such a screen. Because of this, several laptop owners think about replacing the laptop. However, it is entirely unnecessary as it’s only the screen with problems, not the entire laptop. Fixing a laptop screen is significantly less expensive, and don’t worry, your documents and files won’t be lost, so you don’t need to think about transferring or saving them somewhere else. 

Common Problems & Solutions for Laptops

The following are some of the most well-known laptop screen issues and ways to fix them. 

The Screen is Cracked

Whether the laptop panel is broken, crushed, or in pieces, all of them have the same solution, which is replacing the LCD screen. These screens aren’t too costly, and the fixes can be done quite fast. 

Horizontal or Vertical Lines 

It can be not very pleasant to see horizontal or vertical lines running across the screen, and because of this, you can’t read anything on the display. This problem may be either due to a loose video cable or an erroneous graphics card. Intermittently, the cable or the card must be supplanted; however, if luck is with you, then you might get away by just tightening the connections only. 

The Screen is Blank

If a laptop’s screen is blank, it can be one of the most baffling problems because finding the source can be quite tricky. If your computer switches on and takes power, then the LID microswitch might be defective, replacing, which is relatively easy. 

An Essential Check

Connect your laptop when it’s turned off to an external monitor. Now, switch it on. If the external display shows your laptop’s boot-up sequence, then it’s time to change the laptop screen. 

Repairing it is easy, but if you don’t know how to do it, better not to try it. If your laptop is under warranty, the maker can replace the screen for you. If not, take it to the closest laptop repairing center that operates with the maker’s certified parts or see if it’s covered under your laptop insurance. 

Distorting Colors or Flickering Display

When there is a flickering issue on your laptop screen, or it encounters shading mutilation/ contortion, the FL inverter board most likely brings about the problem, yet it might be a weak fluorescent cylinder, a connection getting loose. 

Mutilated Images

Mutilated images may be brought about by either defective parts or loose connections, yet the display settings in the OS can also be the possible cause of this problem. 

Brightness Issues

The brightness of the LCD and plasma screen can blur or diminish as time goes by. You will understand that there is an issue with screen brightness when you have out the maximum brightness, and still, the screen looks dull than usual. 

The following solutions can be handy:

  • Once in a while, the laptop slacked and didn’t follow the system convention right away. Or on the other hand, the cover switch got stuck. You can undoubtedly fix this laptop screen problem by shutting and opening the lid. 
  • Reboot the laptop quickly. It may be a brief system issue or a problem that you solve by restarting it again. When you have restarted the laptop completely, see whether the display is as yet faint. 
  • If the problem still exists, then it might be any other issues related to hardware, a broken cable, or a burnt backlight. Tending to these problems is far more confounded than just a screen replacement; so, get an expert to check it. 
  • This may also be the aftereffect of physical damage or wiring issues. Again, let the experts check it if it isn’t under, for instance, a dell warranty.

Abrupt Display Power Outage

If your laptop screen goes dark during use because your keys or mouse are untouched for quite a while, you can fix this problem by changing the hibernation/sleep settings. 


Some of these display problems can be fixed on your own. Whether you can or can’t accomplish the work yourself, now you know that taking it to proficient is relatively less expensive than supplanting a machine, which is excellent otherwise.

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