List Of 3 Best Motherboards For i9 9900k

List Of 3 Best Motherboards For i9 9900k


The most potent processor Intel core i9-9900k is the first Intel core chip furnished with eight cores. It took gaming to another level. In this article, we have provided the best motherboards for i9 9900k.

Gigabytes Z390 Aorus Xtreme

The processing ability of Z39 is fantastic, and when it merges with the Xtreme, it becomes more powerful. The combination of both Z390 and extreme gives a huge variety of features, and this has become the best motherboard that you cannot find in any other motherboard yet. 

RGB lighting support makes it more versatile, and these can also be controlled with the software. You can also find some more strip connectors if you want to connect more RBG lights. 

This is a built-in USB turbocharger for the mobile devices; the OC connector is also there that you can use to connect the OC touch card (gigabytes). To keep the VRM temperature under control, there is a rear base plate.

It supports 9th and 8th generation intel-core processors, and there are 3 PCI –E x16 slots; these all are covered with steel. This also provides support to the dual graphics at eight-times more speed than usual. This feature is essential for the best gaming performance. 

As compared to other flagship models, the price of Z39 Xtreme is low. You can find this fantastic thing for just $189


  • For gaming performance, it is the best.
  • High-end tweaking features 
  • Rear connectivity is impressive.
  • VRM has 16 phase power
  • Lighting makes it beautiful.
  • Low in price


  • It is not good at applications.
  • The PCL versatility is less.
  • The storage is less comparatively. 


The matte black PCB with decent gray stripes the MSI MEG Z390, and with some visuals, it looks fantastic. Some white labels are also present at the head section; some key features like core boost and DDR4 boost. The voltage regulation module VRM is also working with the processor that makes it more efficient.

The tall DRAM heatsinks are the bane of DIY builders. The audio components are placed on a black plastic and the audio boost is labeled.  The shiny steel plating is added on the PCB, and the DDR4 (memory slot) and PCI slot are used to reduce the loudness on EMI that also provide some strength. Your SSD is sandwiched in between two heatsinks. 

There are 3 RGB LED lights on the header in the motherboard. One at the bottom and one at the top has been distributed as 12 volts 5050 strips (LED), and there is a 5-volt header at the bottom it is for the connectivity of an individual LED strip. There is a corsair connector for the MEG Z390 corsair –branded stripes on the top of the edge.

If your system is based on Intel from the past few years, you may know about the LGA 1151 securing mechanism of the socket. This motherboard also supports the Extreme memory profile for the process of overclocking that will enhance the working ability of the processor and speed up your device. There is a reset button and a power bottom and a game knob, voltage checkpoint, and debug code display.

MSI MEG has many handy features, but it is still the mainstream for the intel platform; it is the integrated graphics with the most processor plugins. For gaming, the core i9 9900k has UHD graphics. The input and output do not feature the output video. At the starting edge, there is MSI basic input and output flashback. There are 10 USB ports in which the 5 USB type A are 3.1 gen 2; one is type C gen 2 USB, and the other is the USB ports. 

LAN port with USB 3.1 generation 2 is also available. It combines with the gigabit LAN controller. But if you want to go wireless, you can also pair it with the Wi-Fi coaxial connectors in the USB ports. 

Cooling the motherboard is a crucial task, and in this motherboard, great seven fan headers perform this task very effectively. 


  • Builder- friendly
  • RGB panel is unique
  • The overclocking features are unique.
  • The integrated audio is impressive.
  • Strong power delivery push on the core i9 9900k


  • Only one M.2 slot is with the heatsink. 
  • Built-in RGB is beside the infinity panel.
  • It is expansive
  • For integrated graphics, there are no output videos.


GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS ULTRA has many considered premium features in which flashy RGB lights and Wi-Fi are on the top of the list. The 12+ 1 phases of digital VRM will give your laptop enough power ability; it will increase the performance of applications or any software on your computer. AORUS ULTRA takes the level up of the gaming speed. It will increase the speed of the processor while you play a game. Storage is 128GB with 4133MHz profile up. You can also increase the speed by overclocking the i9 9900k to the maximum limits, and it will never create any problem while overclocking.

The I/O panel gives a lot of handy features, and when you talk about the USB ports, there are a lot of useful USB ports; one is 3.1 gen 2 type A and a pair of 1st gen USB ports. There are four 2.0 USB ports. 

As a comparison with some other motherboards, this is an expensive motherboard. If you are looking for a stylish and motherboard with RGB, it is a good option for you, and if you need a motherboard that should support your core i9 9900k of the laptop, this is one of the best options.


  • The design is impressive.
  • The heatsink has the M.2 slots.
  • The integrated I/O comes with a shield.
  • Overclocking performance is best.


Expensive as compared with other motherboards’ prices.


Do you want to build your best gaming setup? So you need the best motherboard with your Intel Core i9 9900k. There are 3 best motherboards for core i9 you must check these out for your ideal gaming model. 

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