The Combined Potential of Big Data and AI

The Combined Potential of Big Data and AI

In today’s time, where the digital world is flooded with huge volumes of data, technologies like AI and Big Data prove to be of great help. With the technology capabilities spanning from data analysis to predictive analysis, these technologies offer numerous opportunities that can enhance the output of any business. When working in a silo, these technologies can offer huge benefits, but what happens when these two technologies come together?

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

The world is now recognizing the benefits of getting detailed insights from various data forms. These detailed insights are now being used to convert them into actionable insights that drive an improved decision-making process.

  • Big Data- Big Data can be defined as- “the combination of all structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data that is collected by organizations and can be used for gaining information and used for machine learning projects along with other advanced analytics-based applications.” Big Data is used for dealing with information gained from data sets that are complex in nature for analysis using the traditional tools and software. With Big Data, organizations can capture, store, analyze and visualize business data by efficiently handling the volume, variety and velocity of data.
  • Artificial Intelligence- AI is defined as- “the simulation of human intelligence processes performed by machines allowing them to collect data and convert it into meaningful and actionable information.” By imitating human functions like- problem solving and learning from experience. AI can rationalize and take actions that fulfill the desired goals.

Combined, these technologies can be used to identify trends and patterns out of historical and real data, allowing organizations to make decisions out of intuition but supported with substantial proofs.

The Combined Working of Big Data and AI

The earliest shreds of evidence of Big Data have proved it transformed the decision-making process for enterprises. The launch of AI with Big Data gives enterprises new chances to explore a whole new world comprising exclusive use cases and data types. With huge volumes of data being generated per unit time, both technologies will unearth newer opportunities that were earlier considered to be out-of-sight or impossible. Big Data with AI algorithms can drive enhanced insights into modern-day business problems, resulting in improved time and accuracy.

The following are some ways where AI and Big Data work together for creating improved business results-

Improved & Faster Data Analysis

Prior to AI, the results of Big Data analysis had to study for gaining insights manually. It was considered to be time-consuming as well as making it prone to errors. With AI models in place, Big Data results are now becoming automatic through various methods for revealing real insights and cut down the analysis to just minutes.

Predictive Data-Based Decision Making

AI helps improve the quality and accuracy of Big Data with newer capabilities for making decisions based on the training data. When used together, these technologies can aid the organizations in performing predictive decisions, where the machine can fail to deliver.

Spotting Trends and Establishing Connections

Big Data with AI helps organizations to get a complete view of data. Offering quick and efficient methods of establishing connections amongst the data sets can help analyze the past data and identify the trends with greater ease.

Overcoming Data Quality Issues

Another added benefit of using Big Data with AI is overcoming damaged data problems. AI algorithms are perfect for the data fed to them; they can be used for cleansing the Big Data, i.e., identifying redundant data records to identifying outliers and missing values.

Eliminating Human Biases

AI models are trained using real data, and using this, organizations can easily remove any form of biases that might occur when humans manually interpret the data. Such biased-based eliminations can result in quicker insights and efficient business decisions, ultimately resulting in increased enterprises’ productivity.

The Future is Big Data and AI

Organizations have already started realizing the insights gained from business data. Most of the enterprises end up spending huge volumes of data while searching for the desired insights. Both- AI and Big Data have proven their capabilities to enterprises when working in isolation; when combined together, results in increased capabilities. With so many combined benefits, the future definitely holds for Big Data and AI.


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