How AI Is Useful In Aviation Sector?

How AI Is Useful In Aviation Sector?

Since the past few years, Airline industries have been struggling through several uncertainties, public scrutiny, and increasing competition. Considering all these challenges, technical experts have to say that the aviation industry may get involved in its fourth industrial revolution. This means that by introducing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT which will shape the aviation business from inside out. 

AI technology is expanding and several organizations including Software Development Companies are investing in AI technology to boost their products and services for the betterment of the customers. However, AI is still among the other emerging technology which is still in the initial stage of the aviation business. AI is being used for airlines for facial recognition, baggage check-in, customer Q&A, factory operation optimization, etc. AI is much more potential than all of these use cases. AI can revolutionize the strategy of doing the aviation business. Here are some of the use-cases mentioned below, 

Crew Management

With passing each day, the airline crew managers have to manage the complex networks of people which includes all the flight attendants, engineers, and pilots. It is unmanageable to reschedule any of the crew members. There are various factors that may bother the crew manager which are creditability, availability, certification, and background check of the crew member. 

Flight Maintenance

The toughest job to do is to have aircraft maintenance. If it’s done incorrectly then it may cost a fortune to the airlines. It requires proper scheduling and planning. Unplanned aircraft maintenance can result in the delays of flights or even chances of getting cancelled. It has been said that the use of AI in the right manner can save millions of dollars. 

Ticketing System

All the airline tickets are measured that is based on the various parameters such as flight distance, purchase date, oil prices, other competition, season, the brand value of the airline, etc. There are few parameters that differ every day such as oil prices, which may lead to a continuous change in the price of the ticket.

Passenger Identification

There are some of the airline companies that are spending millions of dollars to build a self-service bag drop machine and a kiosk for the identification of the passenger. This kiosk consists of an in-built camera that will take photographs of the customers while at the time of check-in and cross-check with the photograph from the passport.

Baggage Screening 

Baggage screening is one of the most crucial tasks performed at any airport. Here AI can assist the deputy manager to simplify the process a little bit. There is an AI-based technology named Syntech ONE which comes in handy in such an application. It can scan the threats at the x-rays and CT security checkpoints with an automated screening. This system can be installed at all the airports to screen the baggage within the multiple lanes. Subsequently, once they have been screened, bags can then be taken to the departure gates with the help of an airport baggage tug to transport them to the appropriate aircraft.

Simplify Communication

The most crucial aspect of all flights are Air Traffic Control (ATC). The communication between the pilot and an air traffic controller is the cross-lingual and cross-cultural and mode of conversation in English. For instance, possibly an Indian pilot may not understand the heavily accented English of a European controller. A company named AI-Gym program has developed an ML algorithm that would not only clear the sound in real-time but also provide a transcript of the controller’s audio. 


The trend has just begun. As the aviation industry continues to adopt emerging technology like artificial intelligence, they will receive enormous benefits in flight scheduling, revenue management, predictive maintenance, parking reservation system, and more. However, all these benefits will result in only one thing which is important for every airline business that is the customer experience.

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