Top 5 Design And Development YouTube Channels For Creatives

Top 5 Design And Development YouTube Channels For Creatives

The foundation of technology comes down to code. From the most complex indexes to single page websites, the design and development took time and expertise. 

What if you could expand your knowledge? 

If you are a creative tech enthusiast, then there is a wide variety of YouTube channels to entertain and inform you about the world of design and development.  From live coding sessions to custom website building, these channels offer excellent content to hone your knowledge. Want to learn more? Then keep on reading. 

Here Are The Top Five Design And Development YouTube Channels For Creatives. 


Omatum is a newer YouTube channel that offers excellent content regarding design and development. 

By taking on complex projects like building a fully custom website in one day and designing complex applications, Omatum’s expertise in design and development is entertaining to watch and informative. 

In addition to their design and development content, they also produce subject essays that question big tech companies, their motives, and give a philosophical approach to more technical terms and ideas. 

Omatum’s ethos is augmenting human potential, and with their content, they provide an excellent framework for aspirational projects formed by innovative ideas. 


Want to be a professional web designer? Then CharliMarieTV may be an excellent resource for building your portfolio and producing excellent content. 

Based in the UK, CharliMarieTV is a full-time web developer and YouTuber. Her videos cover things like career tips (specifically in the design space), the full process of designing a website, and overall content that shows the day in the life of a real, full-time web designer. 

CharliMarieTV’s YouTube videos are incredibly watchable and can offer exceptional insight for those looking to get into the field of web design and development


Do you want a channel that provides insight into courses and educational opportunities to boost your design and development knowledge? Then DesignCourse is an excellent channel to provide you a deep-dive into the fundamentals of superb design. 

With tutorials, tips, and more, DesignCourse covers content that specializes in full-stack development. This means that DesignCourse offers videos that cover frontend development, backend development, user interface, user experience, and graphic design. 

Not only can this provide you with excellent resources across a wide array of design and development types, but you can also see a professional provide insight into the dos and don’ts of design and development. 


Similarly to DesignCourse, Flux provides excellent insight into the world of design and development. 

By focusing specifically on user interface and user experience, Flux’s channel covers a wide range of design experience. 

From understanding the history of web design to seeing what tools help you design the best website possible, Flux gives viewers a professional understanding of becoming the best designer possible. 

Additionally, Flux provides design case studies, where he can help improve and dissect various web pages and improve them. Also, if you are trying to become a freelance web designer, Flux offers tips and tricks that can help you succeed in your career with tips and tricks along the way.


If you are a creative professional specializing in Sketch or WebFlow, then Maex is an excellent channel to familiarize yourself with. 

With a particular interest in user experience and user interface design, Maex creates content that is easy to follow and provides a superb insight into the design world. 

If you want to learn design with specialized tools and learn the best software options, Maex offers video tutorials that cover a wide array of software. Additionally, if you like watching live design streams and getting inspiration from that, Maex lets you join his design process. 

By seeing Maex’s design process, the viewer understands what they can do to enhance their design work.

Ready to Get Creative? These Five YouTube Channels Will Inspire Your Design and Development 

Whether you are a creative professional or tech enthusiast, you can gather inspiration from these five YouTube channels.  The tech space is based on innovative ideas, and design and development is the basis for so many of the products, websites, and services we use today. 

If you want to enhance your knowledge, check out these YouTube channels and get the most of the content they produce.

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