Learn to Create a Twitter Widget for Your Blog or Website?

Learn to Create a Twitter Widget for Your Blog or Website?

Social media platforms have unlocked a plethora of opportunities for brands and marketers to take their business to new heights. Some brands might think that is about the number of people who know about their business. But in reality, it’s about how many people you see as your real customers. Out of so many social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., not all of them need to fulfill the needs of your business. For instance, brands majorly focus on audience engagement, increased ROI, brand awareness, etc. And for this, they make huge investments to reach the maximum marketing touchpoints.

Twitter is one of those social media platforms that are capable of matching the expectations of brands. Twitter is one of those social media platforms that are capable of matching the expectations of brands. Therefore it’s a great concern among users to grow their Twitter profile to get access to the most number of people. Growth tools like Twesocial have been a great help. KamaDeva Yoga has this review of Twesocial for you here. Follow the link to read it. The opportunities that come up with this microblogging website are innumerable and embedding a Twitter Widget on the sidebar of your website or blog will improve its performance in several ways. 

In this blog, we will enlighten you about “How to Create a Twitter Widget for Your Website or Blog”? in the simplest way possible. 

Ways To Embed Twitter Widget For Your Website

Now if you have sold with this idea, it’s actually time to know about how you can embed a Twitter widget on your website. There are quite a few ways to do so and each can be better than the other. In this blog, you will get to know about two of the most popular and cost-effective ways to embed a Twitter Widget to your website or blog. One is embedding twitter widget directly from Twitter, and second is, with the help of a social media aggregator like Taggbox. Choose as per the requirements of your brand. 

So without wasting more time, let’s dive deep into this topic and how can you take advantage of Twitter Widget.

Twitter Widget Via Twitter

Twitter has embedded feed widgets that can be used easily, like Timeline, Tweets, Handles, Hashtags, and more. Once the requirements are entered, Twitter will generate an embed code for the feed which can be copied. Then pasted anywhere across your website. Being a responsive, trustworthy, and secure way to embed a widget directly from Twitter. But still, it misses out on User-Generated Content. So, how can you avail of all these varieties of aspects on your website or blog?

The answer for this- Social Media Aggregator Tools like Taggbox curate, 

Twitter Widget Via Social Media Aggregator Like Taggbox Widget

Social Media Aggregators are tools that not just help in curating content from various social media platforms into one beautiful feed but also embed this feed on your website or blog. Unlike Twitter, these tools allow you to curate multiple hashtags or User Generated Tweets in a single feed and then you can embed this feed on your website. You can even add your Twitter handle on the sidebar of your website or blog. In short, considering social media aggregators is the best thing you could do.

Amongst so many social media aggregators, Taggbox is one such tool which offers a diverse range of powerful features at affordable prices. Using this tool you can create stunning TWITTER Widget which can be embedded on your website, and for that, you can apply various features.

Like Moderation Panel which allows you to display the feeds and apply profanity filters to eliminate irrelevant content. While the Customization feature lets you apply classy themes, banners, background, font size, layout, Custom CSS, and many more to create engaging Twitter Walls. And the Analytics attribute helps you monitor the performance of your embedded Twitter feeds.

FYI, Taggbox works in real-time via #hashtags, URL, location, and @username. Create a Twitter Wall, generate an embed code, and paste it anywhere on your website. As soon as your Twitter handle gets updated by a new post, the website gets automatically updated with that too.

In terms of Widget pricing, Taggbox offers 3 plans i.e. LITE, BASIC, and PRO. All three of them vary from each other based on features offered. If you want to take a rough idea about how it works, you can go for a ‘Free Sign-In’ plan or can also request for ‘Demo’ from the customer support professionals. 


Brands are leveraging this new technique to promote their business and if you haven’t included this tactic. As a part of your marketing strategy then you might get behind your competitors. By embedding the Twitter Widget on your website or blog, you have the advantage to gain new followers on your Twitter handle. Also, it makes your visitors stay on your website without leaving it as well as it gives them a chance to see your online presence. Therefore, embed a Twitter Widget on your website in any of the aforementioned ways or you can opt for another option to make your web content more interactive and user friendly. Stop holding back and start focusing on your Twitter influence!

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