Why should you encrypt DNS traffic?

Why should you encrypt DNS traffic?

Whenever we connect to internet networks, especially if they are public, we must encrypt DNS traffic to protect our privacy. In this sense, DNS traffic encryption designates the process by which certain information is encoded, so that only authorized people can access it and it becomes very difficult to track us. For this reason, the encryption of Internet traffic becomes essential, especially at a stage like the current one in which cyber attacks and theft of personal information are constant.

How to encrypt my connection

To encrypt DNS traffic, it is advisable to use a VPN – Virtual Private Network -, which allows you to create a private local network without the need for its members to be physically connected to each other, but it will suffice for them to be connected through the Internet. In this sense, on the programacion.net website you can easily find comparisons of the VPNpro from Spain, which will guarantee a secure connection.

Furthermore, one of the great advantages of VPNs is that they are very easy to install, although the process will always vary depending on the operating system of each electronic device. Although in any case, currently, there are several applications that allow you to install VPNs only with a single click.

Generally, these applications do not require prior registration, so to use them you only have to enter the server address and a username. In any case, it is also possible to download a VPN manually by following a series of steps, the execution of which is not too complex.

One more layer in online security

By having a VPN connection, our personal data will be much more protected on the internet. This is because VPN connections encrypt the packets that accompany them, so even internet providers cannot access the content or track our actual location. For this reason, the use of a VPN connection is especially recommended whenever we connect to the Internet through a public Wi-Fi network or even every time we access our bank accounts through the Internet. Thus, if we choose to use one of these connections, we will be much less exposed to any type of criminal or criminal act.

Other advantages of using a VPN connection

Nowadays, VPN connections not only serve to increase the levels of security and privacy on the internet, but also have other equally important features. So, first of all, VPNs are being widely used in the teleworking sector. This is mainly due to the fact that VPN connections are very useful when it comes to keeping various devices interconnected without the need for physical contact or proximity between them. In addition, in these cases, the high security that VPNs guarantee makes them widely used in the business environment.

Likewise, another of the great benefits of VPNs – in this case widely known – is the fact that they allow you to view content that is censored in our country due to the geographic blocks established by many streaming platforms. In this sense, VPNs allow you to falsify the location and access all the audiovisual products you wish to see.

Some features of VPNs

First of all, VPNs work on all types of applications, so you will be able to use them as comfortably as possible. Likewise, another feature of VPNs is that they are easily connected and disconnected, so that we can always change our geographical location or reduce the levels of online privacy for some reason if we wish.

Likewise, among the negative aspects of VPNs is their price, since those of better quality VPNs tend to be paid. Also, it is important to note that on some occasions, the connection speed has slowed down when using a VPN, especially if it was a great geographical distance.

In the same way, it is important to take into account that, although security levels are significantly improved, their effectiveness is not infallible and sometimes they can fail. In addition, they cannot always adequately fake the location, so sometimes they fail and do not comply with their functionalities one hundred percent.

Questions to consider when buying a VPN

Once you have decided to buy a VPN, it is best to attend to a series of questions that will guarantee that you buy the VPN that best suits your needs. Thus, in this way, one of the first aspects that must be taken into account is the budget available, since it will surely be necessary to buy one, since the free VPNs that can be found online are not very effective or highly recommended.

In the same way, it will also be of interest to evaluate the privacy policy of the VPN, to make sure that our security on the web is fully guaranteed. Finally, it should be noted that when buying a VPN, it is best to think carefully about what our needs will be in order to make the right purchase.

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