What to do with old electronics?

What to do with old electronics?

Perhaps we are one of the people who still have an old television, one of those who did not yet have a flat screen, that is, a tube television. Today these types of televisions are not equipped with high technology nor are they aesthetically very beautiful but they may still work and that is why there are people who keep them in their homes. If you have a valuable device that has stopped working, you can use Geek Squad to get it repaired effectively from the world’s best technicians. 

This case is rare since practically all homes have changed their old televisions for more modern ones. This not only happens with televisions, it happens with all kinds of electronic devices .

We spend more and more money per year on electronic products for the home such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, tablets, consoles, and a long etcetera of products. In addition, with the rapid advancement of technology, we change and renew these products more and more frequently . From this the concern arises of what to do with all those older and less advanced devices that we intend to replace.

In most cases these electronic devices end up in landfills because we do not realize that behind the cases there are toxic chemicals such as lead or others that are not only bad for the environment but also bad for us.

So the next question arises, what can we do with our used electronics?

Before recommending anything, the first thing we have to take into account is that when it comes to devices that store data, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, cameras, etc. we must ensure delete such data correctly . If we do not do this correctly we could be exposed to possible identity theft .

Sell ​​old electronics

Perhaps this is the first option that comes to everyone’s mind, trying to get some money . We can sell our devices on numerous Internet portals that sell second-hand products such as:

  • Ebay
  • Segudamano.es
  • Priceminister.es
  • Ganga.es

We can even find some specific pages on the net to sell certain products such as mobile phones (generally this type of portals offer a really low amount, so we recommend trying to sell it to an individual first). We can also opt for traditional media and local bulletin boards.

Redeem devices

Many retail stores and manufacturers are offering the ability to pick up our used products . In some cases they will give us an amount of money depending on the status of the device, in others they will give us a gift card , etc. This is because inside electronic devices   are valuable materials for these companies that they can recycle. So if the first option that we have said fails, we can resort to this one. 

Recycle our electronic waste

If the previous options have not worked and we have not been able to do anything with our devices that accumulate in our home, the only option we have left, at least with those that do not work, is to recycle them . The best way to find out where these products are recycled is by asking at our Town Hall.

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