How to make custom stamps in 3 steps?

How to make custom stamps in 3 steps?

When we think about how to make stamps today, we see that the procedure is easy. Just go online and order a stamp. You can visit the Timbri website to find the perfect business stamps modified as per your requirement. 

In a few days or weeks we will have the seal in our house or company and we will be able to start using it instantly. How is it done? Too easy:

Choose size

When it comes to seeing how to make stamps, size is one of the first parameters to choose from among those available, depending on how big or small our stamp is going to be. In addition, to create stamps it is important not only to choose the size but also the material to be used and the type of stamp. Making raised stamps is not the same as making rubber stamps.

Customize it

Making a personalized stamp is essential if what we want to do is distinguish our company from the competition. In this case, once the size and material have been chosen, we must send our design for which it is sufficient to send a file with all the information. You can also choose one of the available stamp designs and upload your company logo.

Proceed to payment and set the address

We have seen how to make stamps or, rather, how to configure them. Once the size, material and customization have been chosen; all that remains is to enter your payment details and address. After doing so, the stamp will be made and sent to our address and we can use it very quickly.

What types of stamps are there?

The stamps that currently exist on the market are very different since many people are looking for how to make rubber stamps or how to make personalized stamps; because each company has different needs from the others.

Textile stamps

A textile stamp is a rubber stamp that is specifically prepared to be used on fabric and various clothing. When creating stamps of this type, it is taken into account that they have properties that allow them to mark clothing. They are specifically useful for marking the ownership of uniforms or clothing.

Blank stamp

The blank stamp is a type of stamp that does not have ink. When it comes to seeing how to make stamps of this type, it is taken into account that they should not impregnate the sheet with ink but, on the contrary, should give it a relief and mark it. They are very elegant and one of the most popular products.

Automatic stamps

Automatic stamps are the most popular type of rubber stamp. They should not be used with an inkpot, since they themselves ink automatically. They are especially useful for those who do not have time or do not want to get stained

Incognito stamps

These types of stamps are the ones you sometimes see in nightclubs. They can mark an arm or a leg with a type of ink that only reveals a very specific type of light. Only the most experienced professionals know how to make stamps of this type.

Date stamps

Another very common stamp is date stamps. This type of stamps simply indicates the date we are in. It can be rotated and changed to adjust the date to the specific day.

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