What Is Live Video Monitoring Service

What Is Live Video Monitoring Service

Live Video Monitoring Service Basics

A live video monitoring service takes care of all your business’s video surveillance needs, from installation to implementation. Live video security monitoring service businesses work closely with their commercial clients, developing a video surveillance system that meets their needs and budgets. They then install and monitor the video surveillance systems live. Live monitoring security means threats can be detected and responded to in real time. A faster response means a greater chance of catching any perpetrators threatening the business.

Video monitoring services help catch perpetrators in the act, but they’re also a powerful crime prevention tool. When criminals can see your cameras in place, they’re much more likely to move on to a softer target.

“Video surveillance cameras deter crimes like burglary, armed robbery, employee theft, vandalism, and murder,” a Philadelphia homicide detective once told AllBusiness insurance and risk management expert Paul Davis. However, in a 2017 article, he noted that many businesses fail to make the most of their video surveillance systems. Richard Stellacci, an account manager for a safety software firm, told him that many commercial burglaries weren’t solved because businesses weren’t vigilant at maintaining and monitoring their video footage.

“You see the businesses had a video system, and you say can you pop out that tape? Then the owners say it has been broken for quite a while, or the tape malfunctioned. You have these crimes where basically you could have caught the guy walking in. Now we had no evidence because their camera isn’t working or they forgot to turn it on.” Video monitoring services take the responsibility out of the hands of businesses, so they can feel confident their security needs are met while they’re focusing on other tasks.

Live Video Monitoring for Retail

Video monitoring services are also more effective than unmanned surveillance cameras, as threats from shoplifters and dishonest employees can be detected in real time. Apprehending perpetrators and recovering the items when a crime is committed is much easier than tracing criminals after they’ve left the store.

Video monitoring services can also detect a regular retail practice called sweethearting, which often goes unnoticed by managers and security personnel. Sweethearting sees retail employees deliberately failing to scan items or discounting items to benefit their family members and friends. A live video monitoring system can detect this behavior in the moment it occurs so you can respond in real time. 

Video monitoring services don’t just protect retail inventory. They can also protect your customers while they shop. Video monitoring services can catch threats to shoppers, like kidnappings, assaults, and threats posed by flash rob thefts while they’re happening, allowing you to act faster. This is especially important for large retail spaces, like shopping malls, where security guards cannot adequately monitor the entire area are all times. By protecting shoppers, a video surveillance system service can help protect your retail business’s reputation.

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