Understanding The Different Types Of Roof Survey

Understanding The Different Types Of Roof Survey

A thorough and accurate regime of professional roof inspection basically pays for itself, as by spotting damage or problem areas early you can potentially save thousands of pounds. The price of a roof survey pales into comparison when considered against costly roof repairs and the associated fees you’ll shell out to deal with water and wind damage. But to make sure you get the most out of your roof survey it is important to know which kind of survey you need.

There are a range of different roof surveys available, and each has their own specific set of specialities and criteria. So below you’ll find our comprehensive guide to the roof surveys offered by Roofing Consultants, enabling you to determine which type is right for you.

Visual Roof Survey

As the name suggests, a visual roof survey involves a physical examination of your roof by a human inspector. If your roof can be accessed safely then a qualified roof surveyor will be sent to photograph and inspect your termination details, rainwater gutters, and all roof coverings in a more hands-on fashion than automated equipment offers. This comprehensive approach can also uncover signs of pests that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, and a company like Terminix Pest Control can address any pest issues identified during the inspection, ensuring your roof remains free from unwelcome guests.

Extended Camera Survey

If your roof is located at an average height but fragile roof coverings prevent a visual survey, then an extended camera survey can provide just as thorough an inspection. This simple process involves an inspector using long camera masts to photograph problem areas, and as such you avoid the associated paperwork, scaffolding and disruption a more intrusive inspection requires.

Mewp Survey

The use of a Mobile Elevating Platform survey becomes necessary when commercial roofing systems are located at prohibitively high levels which prevent safe human access via ladders or access hatches. Inspectors can gain access using a MEWP to roofs up to 100m high, and are then able to document and inspect the site as they would in a typical visual roof survey.

Drone Roof Inspection

For excessively high roofing systems or those which are unsafe for humans to traverse, the Drone Roof Inspection offers an efficient alternative to a human visual inspection. With no scaffolding, ladders or paperwork required, a drone can survey several locations in the time it takes a human to inspect just one area of roofing. The high quality footage obtained of your roof can then be viewed by professionals to determine your roof’s condition.

They can be ideal for older properties or those that reach considerable heights, as the drone can quickly scan the roof and locate the source of any issue. A drone survey is simple, straightforward and negates the need to spend valuable time erecting ladders, scaffolding or viewing platforms.

As another plus point, the entire roof survey can be recorded by the drone from start to finish, so that any footage can be thoroughly evaluated for complete peace of mind.

Core Sampling

When a roof is suspected of retaining moisture the most effective and least invasive method of identifying problem areas is to undertake a core sampling. Specialist cutting tools are used to extract small samples of your roof neatly and precisely, with the tested areas made watertight and sealed immediately post-test. This method enables us to fully identify where and why your roof is retaining moisture, and therefore provide a much more comprehensive solution to the problem at hand.

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