The Kennel Software Market In 2021 And Beyond

The Kennel Software Market In 2021 And Beyond

Dogs need walks, they cannot be kept in the house hopelessly. Like us, they need fresh air, active movement, positive emotions and impressions. To keep your walks pleasant, remember that the street can be dangerous for your pet. Kennel software is helping many pet owners to keep their pets safe and entertained. 

How to protect your dog from injury while walking? What should you be afraid of?

1) Various kinds of wounds, fractures, sprains

All these injuries your pet can get during the game, and unsuccessfully jumping, and walking on broken glass. Unfortunately, your pet is also not immune from being hit by a car. Fighting dogs, too, has not been canceled.

2) Poisoning

Various poisonous emissions and treatment of the territory with pesticides lead to severe poisoning. Unfortunately, dog hunters have not disappeared from the streets of our cities and continue their dirty work.

3) Infection with various infections and parasites

A large number of animals in cities, including homeless ones, leads to the spread of various infectious diseases and parasites (fleas, lice, ear and scabies mites, fungal infections, coccidiosis, plague, helminthic infestations).

4) Hypothermia and frostbite are the most common injuries in winter.

During a walk, your pet can get psychological trauma too, and not only a young puppy, but also a completely adult dog. Loud noises, the attack of another dog, or the screams of the crowd can insanely scare a dog. Unfortunately, you never know what the dog might be afraid of.

Safety regulations

To avoid unpleasant situations while walking, and to preserve the life and health of your pet, always adhere to these rules:

Walk your pet with a collar and leash. Then, no matter what happens, your pet will not run away from you. Only far from vehicles, children and passers-by, on a closed walking area, release the pet from the leash and let it run well.

When driving along roads, in a crowd, in transport, the dog must be on a leash or, if we are talking about a small dog, in the hands of the owner.

From a very young age, teach your pet not to grab any objects on the street. Especially food.

A dog cannot help sniffing everything around, this is his way of receiving information. But watch carefully where your pet is sticking its nose. Doghunters practice not only scattering poisonous food, but also spilling poisonous liquids on the ground, and your dog risks his life by sniffing such a puddle.

To avoid contracting various infections, do not neglect vaccinations. If they do not protect against infection, then they guarantee the survival of the pet. And for ticks and fleas, use special drops, sprays, collars .

In no case do not take your pet with you to watch fireworks and various festivities. Explosions of firecrackers, flashes, shouts of the crowd, loud music will frighten him. In this case, the dogs break off the leash and rush away in terror. If you can find your pet later, he may remain nervous for the rest of his life: thunder, gunshots, noise – everything will terrify and panic him.

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