Seven Simple Tricks To Make Money Online

Seven Simple Tricks To Make Money Online

The internet is perhaps the most prestigious gift given by technology to humans. However, even in the 21st century, many persons have not been able to use this gift to their full advantage. 

While the majority of the population out there is busy scrolling through their Instagram feed for countless hours, many people have realized the true potential of this gift. They are using the internet as a source of income on sites like ( that helps you earn just by shopping or completing surveys! Furthermore, online gaming websites have really taken off in recent years. Now that you can play games to make real money, many people use this is a form of side hustle and hobby!

If you’re one of those people who are looking to switch to the second group of people, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven ways by which you can earn money online:-  

1. Freelancing

To start freelancing, you need to have at least a master’s degree, a minimum of 90% in high school, and Just kidding! You just require a laptop with an internet connection.

A freelancer is someone who is hired by an employer for a short period to complete a task for some amount of money. There are many varieties of freelancing projects out there to work on. With all the companies taking their businesses online, there is a requirement for freelancers in almost every field. So whether you’re comfortable with basic freelance projects like data entry or advanced ones such as programming, you can make the right amount of money from freelancing.

However, you might face difficulties getting clients in the beginning. To overcome these hurdles, you can opt to work for free at the beginning. After you’ve gained some experience and built your resume, you can increase your hiring rate and start making money by working on big projects.

2. Start Your Blog

Gone are the days when blogging was considered as a daunting task that could only be taken up by companies and ‘elite people’. Nowadays, you can set up your blog on any niche you’re passionate about and that too for free!

The opportunities for making money from a blog are endless. You can put advertisements on your website, which will pay you cash for every click. Moreover, you can also earn the right amount of money through sponsored posts and selling products on your blog. Affiliate marketing is another way by which you can increase your revenue. The Huffington Post, which is the highest-earning blog, generates over 2,330,000$ per month.

However, starting a profitable blog requires hard work and consistency. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll see countless opportunities and multiple income streams coming your way.

3. YouTube

Another platform that has seen exponential growth in the last decade is YouTube. If you’re more comfortable putting out visual content, this platform might be the one made for you.

And did I forget to mention, it doesn’t cost you even a single penny!

To start earning money from this platform, you first need to have a YouTube channel. The channel could be based on any niche that you like. This has to be followed by putting out some video content on your channel. 

After you gain the right amount of traffic, you can start making money by putting advertisements on your videos. Moreover, you can also collaborate with brands to promote their products on their channel. Affiliate marketing is another method by which you can increase your revenue.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This method allows you to sell a company’s products or services and earn through them. In this method, a brand provides you with a link to its product. If anyone buys that product through your relationship, you get a commission. Many bloggers and YouTubers use Affiliate Marketing to increase their revenue.

This is the right way of making money if you don’t have much time to learn a skill set and want to make some quick money. You can forward the link to your friends and start earning some money if they buy the product from your relationship. 

5. Social Media 

Yes, you read that, right! The same social media platforms that you use for stalking your crush and share memes with your friends can be turned into a source of revenue.

To start earning money from these platforms, you first need to start a page on social media on any niche that you like. This has to be followed by gaining the right amount of followers on your page. You can then approach brands and collaborate with them to promote their products on your page. Moreover, putting affiliate links on your page can also act as a source of revenue.

6. Podcasts 

In the last 2-3 years, the graphs of audio content usage have gone over the roof. As a result, the majority of content creators have started putting out more and more audio content. I’m sure that even you would’ve listened to a podcast at some point.

Well, why not start your own? 

Yeah, you can start your podcast as well and start earning money from it. More and more employers are turning to podcasts to promote their businesses, which might be convincing enough for you to launch your podcasts. You can also take up brand sponsorships or sell your services through your podcast to make money out of it.

7. Online Surveys

The online businesses in today’s world have become so competitive that many companies out there are ready to pay you to fill some surveys and give reviews. The amount of money for completing each study or examination may vary for different businesses.

While this method is one of the easiest ones to make money, there’s a reason that I’ve written it at last. Before filling out any surveys, you need to do some research for finding legit businesses. Moreover, the money that you make by this method might not be too much. Having said this, you could use it to earn some extra cash to complement your earnings.


As I had mentioned above, many people have still not realized the true potential of the internet. If you are a beginner, I’d advise you to research these methods and choose the best way according to your skillset and preference. Also, keep in mind that there are many more methods out there that make money online.

All you need to do is set your income goals and act according to them.

Good luck!


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