How to Properly Prime Your Coil

How to Properly Prime Your Coil

If you’re new to the vaping world, one of the most important things to know is priming a vape coil. Using a coil that isn’t properly coiled could fry the coil during your first vape, and you’d start experiencing an unpleasant burned vape taste. And a fried coil means a damaged coil that needs to be replaced. Frying a new vape coil during you’re your first vape isn’t what you would want at all. It’s a literary equivalent of incinerating your money. And there’s no other way to prevent that and get the longest life possible for each coil than priming the coil.

What is Coil Priming?

Coil priming simply means completely immersing your vape in e-liquid before use. The aim of the priming procedure is to prevent “dry hits” when a new vape coil is installed, so it is only really necessary when using a new coil. The wick (usually cotton) dries completely when you get a new atomizer head, and if you try to vape before enough CBD oil is in the wick in a high-power sub-ohm tank, it could damage or burn and endanger its operation.

How to Prime your Coil

It’s easy to understand why coil priming is so important. This lengthens the life of the coil and keeps the taste of the vapor fresh. Getting started for beginners isn’t really difficult, as long as you follow these detailed instructions on how to properly prime a coil.

Remove the Old Coil

Determine when the coil needs replacement. Once it starts to produce less intense tastes and give off slightly burnt taste when vaping, then it’s time to replace the coil. Remove the coil and get ready to attach a new one.

Attach the New Coil

After you’ve removed the old coil, attach the new one. This will give you a slightly broader thing to hold while filling the tank with CBD oil. It also prevents CBD oil from coming into contact with your finger.

Soak Up the Coil With CBD Oil

Once you’ve attached the new coil, it’s time to find the juice holes on the atomizer head. When you find it, add one drop of CBD oil to each hole. This will allow the wick to saturate evenly.

After saturating the wick with CBD oil, it’s time to saturate the cotton. The atomizer you have will determine the quantity of CBD oil required to fully saturate the wicking material.

Small atomizer coils can be saturated with a few drops of CBD oil. Larger atomizer coils, however, may require about 4 or 5 drops of CBD oil. Apply one drop at a time to easily achieve this, and make sure, after each drop, you observe the wicking material. This will check if more CBD oil should be added. It is also a good way to avoid excessive soaking of the wicking material. Too much CBD oil will end up flooding the material.

Take Some Dry Pulls

Dry pull is simply the Inhalation from the mouthpiece without pressing the ignition key. This is significantly different from dry hit in that you do not press the fire button, so the coil does not heat up and will not receive vapor. However, the dry pull will absorb the CBD oil to the atomizer head so that it can be primed. Using your fingers, cover the holes for air circulation with your fingers and take 3 to 5 dry pulls, being careful not to wear them too much as it might flood the coil. Just inhale a few times at a comfortable pace, and you’re done.

Break-In the Coil

Although the saturation of the wicking material is the most important thing to do when priming the coil, properly breaking-in the new coil is equally essential. To break-in the new coil, start using with less power than usual. You can steadily increase the power until the normal power setting is reached.

Never Forget to Prime

Priming your coil will give you a comfortable vaping experience as you extend the life of the coil. Once you start to notice a burnt taste or a change in the flavor, then it’s time to prime the coils using the simple steps we’ve shared. Find out the best CBD vape products right for you from our store collections here. Happy vaping!


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