How Does E-commerce Hosting Work – The Ultimate Guide

How Does E-commerce Hosting Work – The Ultimate Guide

Are you starting a new online store?  You have a wide range of platforms to choose from, you need to choose the right hosting service. Too many online businesses fail due to choosing the wrong ecommerce hosting plans service.

You’ll need to look into e-commerce hosting. E-commerce hosting is best only for the online store. So, you first need to learn more about what e-commerce hosting is and how it works.

Here is a brief guide on what is an e-commerce hosting and how does it work? Also, we will share some tips for finding an e-commerce web hosting provider.

What Is Ecommerce Hosting and How Does It Work?

E-commerce hosting is one of the types of hosting that offer many features and functionalities required to manage and run a commercial website.

Ecommerce hosting packages are basically designed for online store and businesses websites. E-commerce hosting providers provide web space to host your website, and also provide other standard web hosting features for your website.

The main differences between an e-commerce website and an ordinary business website are in the hosting features.

Ecommerce hosting is an option offered by many web hosting services providers such as DomainRacer, BlueHost, and SiteGround. Some web hosting service providers will register a domain name as part of the package.

Tips for Choosing E-commerce Hosting Provider

Setting up your e-commerce website will be much simpler. Before you start your e-commerce website, you need to find out which e-commerce hosting option best fits for your business. It’s essential to do some research before you commit.

If you don’t choose the best hosting plan for an eCommerce website, you could deal with the many issues like the slow website speed, unsecure website, increased bounce rate and many.

There are some hosting features that every ecommerce host should have. Here are some tips for choosing a reliable e-commerce hosting provider.

Costs of eCommerce Web Hosting

The typical costs of e-commerce web hosting start at around $5 -$50 a month. The cost of the hosting plan also depends on the features you want, type of platform and the amount of traffic you anticipate receiving.

You’ll also need the best domain name for your e-commerce website. The register domain name name cost at around $5 -$50 per year.If you run a small business site, you can choose an entry-level hosting plan. Therefore, you will get a more affordable web hosting plan in your early days.

DomainRacer is one of the reliable web hosting providers that provide e-commerce hosting at the very cheapest rate. Also, they provide the main security features you need for an e-commerce website.

High-Performance Abilities

High performance of a website is crucial for the success of your online store. Make sure the e-commerce hosting plan is capable of managing high-level traffic and maintaining performance in future too.

Some e-commerce hosting plans will offer high-speed add-ons. Slow loading speed website can be almost as damaging as an offline one. DomainRacer offers unlimited SSD hosting and 21x faster LiteSpeed server to boost your website speed. 

Website Security Features

Website security should be one of your top concerns when comparing web hosting providers. Many web hosting services offer the top security features such as Firewalls, SSL certificate, DDoS protection, Spam filters and Virus protection.

Nowadays, website hacking is big business for some people. Some hackers want to destroy your e-commerce websites. A secure hosted e-commerce hosting should offer a variety of safeguards. DomainRacer offers extensive security, as it’s a requirement for an e-commerce website.

Best E-commerce platform

Make sure your web hosts support for e-commerce and other CMS Software. Content management systems (CMS) like Magneto, WordPress, and Joomla can make the task of setting up your online store easy.

Few cheap unlimited web hosting india companies offering hosting plans compatible with all e-commerce and CMS software. But, DomainRacer is one of the web hosts offering one-click installation of 400+ applications.


This hosting package includes all the tools and services required to set-up, and manage e-commerce business websites.

If you don’t have the coding skills, you may want to consider going with a fully-managed hosting provider. Creating an online store website isn’t as challenging if you know how to choose the right hosting plan. So, you need to choose the one best e-commerce hosting.

DomainRacer is the best all-around e-commerce hosting provider, and it offers e-commerce on every one of its hosting plans.

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