Fun Is For Free Cost And A Different Feeling

Fun Is For Free Cost And A Different Feeling

It’s been six months till 2020 started. Everyone had at least an aim or goal to complete in 2020. It all started with a positive vibe. There was hope in everyone’s mind. Then it happened. The corona, the ultimate villain who destroyed our happiness and sent us into house arrest. Everybody thinks this way, as mentioned above, but we can have more fun in the quarantine and rest of 2020. 

Indoor Games

Firstly and personally I suggest you spend time with your parents and cousin playing indoor games like Ludo, carrom, chess, etc. Which will surely make your bond better and make your father and mother happy after working for years? It will be enjoyable.


Secondly, the best thing you can do in this quarantine is Gardening. You can try Terrace gardening if you are in an apartment. It’s fun growing your plant, From planting a seed to growing it big. Everyone should try it in their life, It’s amusing which will fill your soul. Building your tiny army is a real challenge. You should know what type of fertilizers to use. Mostly you can use organic fertilizers. I suggest you try it. It will be real fun.

Show Your Talent

Thirdly, This is the best time to grow your talent. You will say how it will be fun, but my answer is yes. It will be fun. Your ability will be your interest. Spending time in your investment is real fun. You can improve your expertise in different platforms. Spending your time-efficient, enhancing your talent will make a difference. It’s the best use of time

 And fun with positive results.

Post Lockdown

The lockdown made us meet our friends. Everyone will miss their friends, but I know this is what runs in your mind, of course, everyone’s. Fourthly the fun is thinking about Post lockdown things. The first preference for everyone will be getting your friends. This is a hard time we miss the fun while with friends.

They may be miles away, but it’s just a video call it will take to cover the distance. I suggest everyone speak to your friends and close ones. It will be amusing but not only fun it will relieve their stress and yours too. Staying at home will make us depressed.

The recent incident which happened to Sushant Singh is very heartbreaking. It shows how depression can lead a person to death. Speaking to your ones while this lockdown is an excellent work. 

Remembering the things you have done before the lockdown will be fun.

It takes a little amount of time to call your friends. Make your call right now. Your stress buster is a call away. One call can make a huge difference, all that matters is to have a thought to call them. Make it ASAP!!

Social Service

Next, and as a fifth one, I need to talk about social service. It’s a difficult job. First, you need to have a mind to do it, then the money comes. It gives your soul a complete feeling. All you need is that feel. There are a lot of people who are suffering without food and shelter in this pandemic. If you are feeling bored and want to go out, do it usefully. 

There are a lot of people who are suffering and asking for help. Helping those people takes a minute, but at the end of the day, you will be filled having the thought you have done something useful. It’s fun, happiness, feeling, love, courage, etc. Helping a person will not change your world that much, but for that person, it will change his whole world. A positive vibe will surround you. You get something in return in another way.

Learn And Preach

Lastly, and as the sixth secret, I need to share an important point. This lockdown has made many sit at home. Here is where you can use your knowledge and education. There are a lot of people learning new things.

You can share your knowledge with them, teach them new things that you know. This will help them a lot, and it will be fun when you come to know someone’s life has changed. For example, if you are good at web designing, you can teach someone who wants to learn and read more about it. So that he will start his life journey in web development, you have changed his life. Just close your eyes and think of it; it’s a feeling. It’s enjoyable.

You can also do it professionally to become a freelancer. It will also change your life and turn your life around instead of working under someone. 


 As a conclusion, I need to say “FUN is not just a word, it’s an emotion “

It’s there in everything you do, but it’s all about how you feel doing this. So know the difference and make your life an interesting one.



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