Elements of an ID Badge Reel

Elements of an ID Badge Reel

An ID badge reel is a great way to display not just ID cards but also badges along with proximity cards. They’re a popular option for individuals that are on the go as they can be easily attached to an individual’s clothing.

In addition, ID badge reels also come in a variety of colours and case designs. You can also have either a plastic or metal reel and they’re typically attached to the belt, pants pocket or neck of the shirt.

What are the elements of an ID badge reel?

There are a few different components of an ID badge reel and we’ll go through them in greater detail below: 

  1. The outer portion of the ID badge reel is made with ABS material for both durability and vibrancy of colour.

  2. The spring within the ID badge reel is made with stainless steel and is both high-quality and long-lasting.

  3. The inner reel is the middle section of the ID badge reel and is crafted with non-abrasive material to ensure smooth operation.

  4. Once again, the ID badge reel is secured with ABS material before it’s finished with a high-quality non-lead plating on the exterior.
  5. Other than the main section of the ID badge reel, you’ve also got a nylon core with polyester woven wrap to ensure that the reel is secure and durable at all times.

  6. You also have a smooth surface plated grommet to reduce friction and abrasion along with a versatile bullet to handle a range of attachments.

  7. You’ve once got another high-quality non-lead plating and finally, a vinyl strap you can count on.

What are the different types of ID badge reels?

There are plenty of ID badge reels out there depending on what you’re looking for. They include: 

  1. Round badge reels
    The most common badge reel that comes in a variety of colours and styles. They’re also versatile and have plenty of attachment choices.

  2. Heavy-duty badge reels
    These are great if you want to ensure that they can provide years of reliable service. They come with sturdy cords that will never snap.

  3. Square badge reels
    Square badge reels have a modern design that sets them apart from their round badge reel counterparts.

  4. Carabiner badge reels
    These are an excellent choice if you need your items to be within reach. Like other badge reels they’re safe, sturdy, versatile and are great for keeping your items handy. 

With all of the ID badge reels above, you should be able to personalise them with a logo or special design – whatever it is that best suits your needs. Other than for work, ID badge reels are also an excellent promotional giveaway option. 

Getting started with an ID badge reel

ID badge reels are great to have, especially if you’re looking for easy workplace access. They’re easy to carry around and are perfect for organisations that want to maintain a high level of security. Since there are many different types of ID badge reels and you’re also able to customise the design, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. 

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