Drone Pilot: The Profession of the Future?

Drone Pilot: The Profession of the Future?

If you want to be a drone pilot, you must take into account the reality and context in which we move. Today we are all looking for a comfortable job opportunity, which provides us with a good salary at the end of the month, which entertains us and also allows us to have free time for our hobbies and daily distractions. Flygfoto provides best drone piloting professionals and experts that could help you learn best drone photography and videography. 

Disengage; the perfect job does not exist. Everyone has their pros and cons. As a professional drone pilot I want to bring you closer to the reality that our profession hides. A world of advantages and “glamor” but also a path full of challenges.

Studies such as the one prepared by PWC “Clarity from Above” affirm that the drone market will generate business opportunities worth 127,000 million dollars. If so, it seems that we have no choice but to run to a store, buy a drone and get the title of drone pilot . According to them, drones are going to solve all our labor ills. But honestly, there is still a long way to go.

They are based on a clear reality: the incredible benefits of drones for all types of industries and sectors. Studies affirm that many business opportunities will be generated in the drone segment. We agree.

The reality is that they are very useful to carry out complicated tasks such as inspections, maintenance of structures, work monitoring in addition to significantly reducing costs.

Drone Pilot Construction

This is all true. The advantages of working with drones are endless, but in our country the activity is still very restricted and therefore the work of the drone pilot as well.

6 Keys to be a Drone Pilot

1) Seriously study the job or business possibilities in the geographic area that interests you. Feel reality. At the end of the day you are going to live on it.

2) Have technical knowledge and the ability to address the business opportunity.

3) Read from Pe to Pa the new 2018 Drone Regulations , and understand it. The latter is very important. If you don’t follow and understand the regulations, you face fines of more than € 50,000 and material withdrawal.

4) You must decide if you want to be a solo drone operator or if you prefer to try to be part of a company or operator with a great platform.

Once this initial phase of current analysis and study of the sector is over, it is time to make the decision.

5) If you want to be legal in Spain you need the Drone Pilot Certificate . For this you must choose a good course and graduate. It is important that it is an ATO (AESA accredited) school. On their website you have a list of authorized schools.

6) The moment that one does not want but comes. Drop the dough. You must be aware that if you choose the path of the entrepreneur, you will need between € 10,000 – € 15,000 to invest in a first professional drone, accessories and other necessary material. If you are going to invest these amounts, you better make sure that it will work. Put effort and energy!

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