Digital Marketing – Trends of 2020

Digital Marketing – Trends of 2020

In the world of digital technology, why to lack behind and be out of trend? Back then, in the initial days, only 10% of organizations were aware of the power of the digital world, but today it is an entirely different story. In the era of 2020, there is a phenomenal shift in how the marketers are thinking and executing their market tactics. The ultimate social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc. and digital marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Voice Search, Live Content, etc. quite literally boom each and every industry and growing their presence to the millions. So, this year let us find out what are the latest trends in digital marketing; we might experience.

  1. SERP Position ‘ZERO’ – Earlier people fought to rank #1 in the SERP, but now the race is for #0, i.e. the features snippet of text that showcase before the search results. It basically helps in delivering the straightforward to the customer’s query.
  2. Voice Search – Remember saying, Alexa play Despacito? This is what we mean by voice search which is undoubtedly taking over and becoming the parts of the households now. So, while building a website, it is better to optimize it with the voice search, in order to increase your reach to the audience.
  3. Micro-Influencer – People these days not only focus on the A & B category of influencers, they follow the ones which are though small, but have a highly engaged community of followers. Those who cover the trendy niche topics and deliver you everything you are looking for.
  4. Social Media Shopping – The world of social media has surely made it easier for their consumers by giving them the option to buy products directly by their pages. Before uploading the product images, they simply tag the product link do that the customer is directed to the website.
  5. TikTok – One either love making it, or love watching it. But those who don’t even like it isn’t out of its reach as it is growing in the market. TikTok is basically an online platform for entertainment and mimicry videos which ranks 9th in terms of social network sites.
  6. Live Content – This one is an excellent way for brands to connect with their audiences. This is because users watch live videos 10-20 times longer than the on-demand content. It not only delivers interactive content but also increases the viewer’s retentions as is it very engaging.
  7. Social Messaging Apps – As there are endless platforms to connect with everyone, you can’t afford to make an excuse to anyone. From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp, these social messaging apps has helped in making the business more manageable. It even helps in creating a direct contact with the audience and understand their needs.

So, are up up-to-date with these trends? Because if not, you are surely missing out on something big for your business. In order to be on top of the rest, it is always better to know everything about the market. You can get your hands on the best SEO agency in Gurgaon and be on rank zero in the SERP page.

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