Best Video Editing App For Phone

Best Video Editing App For Phone

Scrolling any social media app, what makes you stick to it? It’s those eye-catching amazing-quality videos that your favourite pages post. Now, wait a minute. Do you think these are edited on some kind of professional video editing software? Nah. All credit goes to the best Video Editing Apps for Android phones. 

Shot videos are back. Obviously, you would need one too to post on your social media. No matter if you are an influencer or just a casual social media freak. Having one is super easy be it on your Android smartphone. 

So, let’s dig in and see what are the best video editing apps that are leaving behind all these technical professional videos editing software. 

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1) Montage Pro

Let’s begin the list with a lightweight app. What makes it great? It’s the space that it requires in your smartphone. Just 34MB. Despite being a small app, there is no compromise in the features and amazing editing facilities for you. Wondering what that is?

As the name suggests, Montage Pro has some pro-level tools and editing features. From filters, effects, to font and shareability. This app will give you the whole package in just a few minutes. Start using it, you will know what I am talking about. 

One more thing. Montage Pro is not some foreign app. This is developed by an Indian developer without compromising on international-level video editing. 

Features of Montage Pro:

  • You can use Video trim and splitters
  • Rotate your videos and edit for different platforms
  • Add your customized watermark
  • Convert to different ratios
  • Add transitions and use pro-level effects. 

2) VN Video Editor

No more those heavy 500-600MB apps. What gives you a trendy video is this VN Video Editor with just 111MB space. This app is super easy to use yet gives you that Adobe Video editing look. No doubt this app comes with some amazing features you will surely appreciate. 

Talking about its features, how can we forget multi-layer video editing. Add your favorite music, share the project with your clients or friends, and do everything you ever wanted. Not at all difficult just a few easy tips and you are ready to post ASAP. 

Let me tell you the awesome part. This video editor is TOTALLY FREE. Yes, you will get that full HD video (1080p) without paying a penny. 

Features of VN Video Editor:

  • Multi-layer editing made easy 
  • You can use its green screen and chroma key
  • Enables project sharing with full protection
  • Add your own music or use from the app. 
  • Add slides, layouts, and everything with ease.

3) Video Maker for YouTube

Big fan of YouTube videos? Looking forward to starting your own channel? Video Maker for YouTube is what you need. This app, as the name tells you, is particularly suitable for YouTube videos only. No matter how big or small the video is.

Video Maker is an all-in-one easy to use app with just a 40MB space requirement. What makes it exciting? All thanks to its more than 30 transitions that make your videos as interesting as you want them to be. It is for YouTube, therefore, there are different aspect ratios such as 16:9 and 18:9. 

Having a professional video something that is stopping you to post on YouTube? Try Video Maker and don’t find excuses anymore. 

Features Video Maker for YouTube:

  • Merge together different videos
  • Long trims option
  • Zoom in and Zoom out options 
  • Enjoy more than 10 templates for easy editing.
  • Choose between 100+ kinds of music or add your own.
  • Great stickers and many more.

4) Vita

Again an app that has a very reasonable space requirement. Vita will take up just about 90MB on your phone. Without much effort, you will be able to post amazing full HD videos with easy editing. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time understanding every function of the editor, this is your key to the treasure. Very easy, beginner-friendly, and adds transitions without much effort. Make your every next scene interesting.

Big fan of filters? No problem. Vita has a wide range of filters to add to your video. However, not every filter you will find here is free. Some of them are paid. Plus, there are many exciting fonts you will have that you may not find in VN. 

Features of Vita:

  • Export videos with the original quality
  • Get templates for your vlogs
  • Add animated texts and customize shadows, colors, and more.
  • Make your videos elegant using blings, glitches, and more. 
  • Adjust the speed of your videos.

5) VLLO Video Editor

We just talked about an Indian app. How about an app that is rocking the international market? That’s VLLO Video Editor coming straight from Korea. This 130MB application comes with incredible pro features. 

One thing that stands out in this VLLO Video Editor is its 4K export features. Yes, now you can edit your 4K video on your android with ease. That too without any stupid watermark. However, you might have to tolerate a few ads but you have to pay for something if you use a free app. 

Again, this video editor is easy to use and has some remarkable features like adjustable speed, reverse footage, and some pro options as well. Hence, it is one of those worth using apps for sure. 

Features of VLLO Video Editor:

  • Zoom in and Zoom out features
  • Edit the color of the background
  • Move blurs and pixels as you like
  • Make 4K high-quality videos
  • Add your voice over
  • It automatically saves your projects


Getting a professional yet attractive video is not a tough choice to make. All you need is the support of a fail-proof app and you are good to go. So, try out these best video editing apps on your Android Phones and create your impression on every social media platform. 

Anyway, these are free, don’t get you any watermarks, and gives you the high-quality videos you get on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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