Best lighting ideas for your living room

Best lighting ideas for your living room

Most homes have a living room which is the largest room in the house. It is the centre of activity where a lot of activities take place throughout the day and night. So we can say that decorating your living room is a big responsibility.

The first part of decorating a living room you need to focus on is lighting. A room’s lighting plays an important role in making everything else more appealing. Lighting can affect the overall decor of a room. It can add dramatic effects to a simple environment or a cosy space. Neon Mama has a great variety of neon lights in many colours to compliment any room but can add that extra cosy, unique vibe to your living room.

Why this is important to lighten your living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in any home; it’s where we entertain guests, relax after a long day, and often spend time with our families.

A light and airy living room makes the space feel more welcoming and inviting, which is why many people choose to paint their living rooms in lighter colours.

There are several benefits to having a lightened living room, including the illusion of a larger space, the ability to create a more calming and serene atmosphere, and an updated look that can be achieved without having to do a complete makeover.

If you’re considering painting your living room in a lighter colour, there are some things you should keep in mind,

Layer to lighting living room

There are some differents layers to build a good lighting living room 

  1. Understand the different types of lighting
  2. Consider the size of your living room
  3. Think about the mood you want to create
  4. Determine your budget
  5. Get creative with your lighting fixtures
  6. Install your new lights and enjoy!

Understand the different types of lighting

While lighting a living room we should keep in mind different types of lighting we need.

Firstly, proper sunlight is the most effective part of living room lighting. Sunlight will give your living room’s walls and furniture an intensive glow. You just need to open your window to enjoy natural light to calm your nerves.

Secondly, the living room can be lightened by the bulbs and different types of lamps.

You can install more than one or two bulbs or lamps. Artistic lights can enhance the beauty of your living room and you can choose light of your own choice depending on your mood at different times. Additionally, LED lighting is also becoming a more popular choice these days if you would prefer to opt for a more eco-friendly solution. If you don’t have the knowledge to install them yourself, then there is always the option to contact an Electrician to help you. A quick search for “Electrician Mordialloc” or one more relevant to your location will connect you with the right professional for the task.

On third number candles can also be used sometimes according to taste and occasion. Candles and chandeliers also leave a great impact on the mind. To add warmth to contemporary decor, mix candlesticks of different materials and styles.

Consider the size of your living room

While lighting your living room you need to keep in mind your living room size. Size of your living room is a great aspect while decorating your living room. Large living rooms can be lit with huge ceiling lamps or wall hangings. 

Similarly for small spaces built in lights and different types of LED bulbs.

Think about the mood you want to create

Living room is the place of home where families spend time together. so we keep in mind the needs of all family members. Lighting and decorating home according to all family members’ taste and mood will help you to spend more quality time with your family.

Also your mood depends on the environment so lighten up your living room according to your mood. You can add different types of lights to build different types of zones to create a modern mixing environment. In these zones everyone  can stay according to their moods. 

Living room can be lit up dramatical effect, cosy or in a sophisticated way according to your and your family needs. Focus on the feel you want to achieve with lighting.

Determine your budget

Having a specific budget is also a factor of lighting a living room. If you have a large budget you can go with fancy wall hanging lamps and different types of luxury lamps. Antique lamps and ceiling lighting also can be used to get your desired lighting .

But if you have a specific budget then try to be more specific. Use bright colour of furniture and centre table for a bright look. You can also make your own lamps and wall hanging lights with your own artistic work. You can give cheap lights a unique look and style of your own choice in your specific budget. In this Way you can achieve a unique and sophisticated lighting environment while sticking with your budget.

Get creative with your lighting fixtures

When it comes to creativity you can make everything you have in your mind. You can be creative to lighten up your living room. You can make different types of lamps using lighting fixtures.fixtures of different colours can be used to make specific effects to your lamp or ceiling.

 You can use lighting fixtures to make the following types of lighting to decorate your living room.

  • Chandeliers can be made with lighting fixtures.
  • Wall hanging lamps can also be made.
  • Pendants hanging lamps 
  • Flush Mount ceiling lamps
  • Track lighting 
  • Recessed pre built lightings

Install your new lights and enjoy!

At this stage now you have everything in your mind or home to lighten up your living room.

You can install it by yourself or you can take help from your family members to style up your living room. In this way you can spend a good time with your family while lighting your living room.

If you find it difficult to do it yourself you can take the services of some expert. This is the last layer of lighting your living room. Install lights and enjoy with family.

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