APCT PCB Prototypes

APCT PCB Prototypes

APCT, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of low volume, high mix, advanced technology printed circuit boards. The company is a QTA supplier and builds its products in the U.S. This article explains the company’s business model and how its products have been able to increase sales since 2011.

APCT is a designer and manufacturer of low volume, high mix, advanced technology printed circuit boards

APCT is a designer and manufacturer specializing in low-volume production manufacturing and quick turn prototypes for high-demand applications. With the industry’s fastest cycle times, APCT specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced technology printed circuit boards for critical applications. In addition, APCT offers full-scale production solutions through its various offshore partnerships.

APCT has expanded its operations to include automotive and aerospace applications. It has acquired several companies, including Incline Merger Sub, LLC, and IMG Companies, LLC. Both companies specialize in producing highly engineered components, tools, and systems. APCT also acquired Tri-Tek Electronics Inc. in June 2013. Its newest acquisitions include Incline Merger Sub, LLC, and Tide Rock Holdings.

APCT is a reputation based QTA supplier

APCT is a reputation based supplier that always has capacity to take on new projects. As such, it is crucial to maintain a low backlog, which is a risky proposition for financial partners. To succeed in this market, APCT has to manage its supply chain efficiently and fill a niche that is often overlooked by competitors. Read on to learn why APCT is the right choice for you.

Reputation is the foundation of a QTA supplier’s success, and APCT is a leading provider of these qualities. APCT builds reputation by listening to their customers’ needs and executing their solutions. They work to earn the trust of their clients, ensuring that they always feel valued. The company strives to make its entire customer base feel like it is important, and that’s why they’re consistently rated high by their customers.

APCT builds products in the U.S.

APCT is an integrated manufacturer of complex PCB prototypes. Located in Silicon Valley, California, it delivers industry-leading turnaround times and technical solutions for new product development and low-volume niche production programs. The company’s Global division provides production management services offshore. The Santa Clara-based company is looking to grow to $100 million in annual revenue, which will enable it to leverage purchasing power and focus on its core competencies.

After experiencing explosive growth in the East Coast, APCT decided it needed to expand its production footprint to serve other markets. To maintain its speed advantage, it began thinking about entering new markets. To serve these new markets, APCT purchased two companies in Orange County, Calif. and opened an inventory control distribution facility in Austin, TX. These acquisitions will allow APCT to expand into the flex market.

APCT is headquartered in Santa Clara, California

APCT is a privately held company that specializes in the development of advanced semiconductor components for the electronics industry. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and employs 85 people. Apct’s FAQ section provides details about the company’s founder and CEO, as well as its funding and revenue sources. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

APCT is a low-volume, high-mix, printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in rigid, flexible and multi-layer rigid circuits. The company focuses on low-volume production manufacturing, which makes it ideal for critical applications. APCT products are typically sole-sourced, North American based, and low-volume, high-mix orders with short lead times and sensitive specifications.

APCT uses limited automation to manufacture a printed circuit board

APCT offers a variety of different types of circuit boards. APCT employs highly trained professionals, has four world-class production facilities, and is dedicated to following conflict minerals provisions. To make a difference in the industry, APCT provides a specialized service that addresses the needs of its customers. Read on to learn more about the services that APCT offers. You’ll be surprised at how well they fit your needs!

APCT’s 35,000-square-foot manufacturing facility employs limited automation. Each custom job requires a new tool to be turned. The resulting speed is unmatched by industry competitors. APCT is proud to offer a turnaround time of just 10 days – far quicker than the industry standard of three to four weeks. The facility’s staff is focused on helping customers succeed and strive to ensure that each custom job is produced to the highest quality possible.

APCT is committed to total customer satisfaction

APCT is committed to delivering the highest quality and the best value for its customers. The company’s consultative approach, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities help distinguish the company from other competitors. In addition, the company’s reputation for quality and integrity ensures that the customer is always kept at the center of the company’s business decisions. With an ever-growing product portfolio, APCT is committed to providing innovative solutions and a positive customer experience.

Founded in 1977, APCT is one of the leading providers of rapid PCB prototypes. The company’s global production management capabilities make it one of the most nimble manufacturers of fast-turn PCBs. The company is privately held and has 85 employees. For more information, visit apct.com. If you’re looking for a PCB manufacturer, APCT is the ideal choice.

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