6 Little Known Spotify Tips And Tricks

6 Little Known Spotify Tips And Tricks

Being the most popular and top-rated music streaming app with more than 1 billion songs on weekly playlists, the Spotify app has gained so much popularity with its unique playlist additions and updated versions and playlist features. It has got nearly 200M subscribers and is one of the fiercest rivals for Apple music and YouTube music right now.

A fantastic feature of Spotify is that it curates playlists by your personal preferences and has various types of music and podcasts available in every language. Every user has a playlist according to his/her choice, and it’s one of the few reasons people hang onto this app. And the Monday playlist, which gets updated every week, has at least one track that’s everyone’s favorite.

This app is made for everyone, including children and older adults, as it has many stories and religious podcasts and keeps you entertained all the time. It allows you to share what you are listening to and so your friends can also stream those favorite tracks of yours.

Even though we love it and know all the operations, there are a few tricks that some users are not aware of, so let’s catch up on them.

Here I’m going to tell you a few Spotify tips and tricks that are of great help:

Spotify Karaoke

Yes, you’ve seen it right, you can use Spotify as your karaoke, and the only thing you must do is play the song you want to listen on your desktop and find the lyrics option on the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop window and bingo!.

Now you can see the scrolling lyrics, and you can do the same for almost every song on Spotify, and also you can choose the size of the words.

Recovering Deleted Playlists

If you ever want to improve a playlist you deleted or a playlist that you want to find then Spotify has a solution to this since it holds onto all your deleted playlists (the lost and found the place) so it’s so easy to get them back and to do so open

Spotify in your browser and go to your account. On the left-hand side, you can find an option which says ‘recover playlists’ and go on select a playlist you want back and then click restore and you’re done!. 

Hide Your Activity

You can hide your business on Spotify and listen to whatever you want to and not let anyone know that by using the private listening sessions and if you are a Spotify user, go to the menu and choose “private session.”

Now you can keep enjoying all your favorite tracks without worrying about someone invading your privacy. A great way to do it would be to just download spotify tracks from 4Hub and listen offline. But, if you want to hide your activity from all your friends on different social media platforms on your desktop, all you need to do is go to edit and click on the preferences option and then go to social and toggle off the bar and disconnect your social media profile that is connected to it.

Sharing tracks by ‘drag and drop’

Spotify allows sharing the roads you’ve listened to, but it just provides you with HTML embedded codes and URL links. But for a simplified way, all you have to do is drag the song you want to share on your desktop app, select and drag the song into the text bar, and Spotify automatically generates a link with the song name and artist. This makes sharing all your favorite tracks from Spotify easier.

Smart Search

You may be that one user who frequently uses Spotify app but still when you have to search for a song you go by typing the complete information and to avoid such thing here’s a trick which may be useful while searching for your favorite track as you should know that Spotify has a unique smart search feature that makes your search job more comfortable and to do so you can select the year or period of that specific track and use filters so you may land up on the desired music.

Customizing Music Quality

You can set the music quality by your preference and by yourself. Spotify allows you to customize your music quality and to do so all you have to do is go to settings in Spotify and select music quality and the drop-down menu box gives you few options and you can set it high or low and also remember that the more the quality the more the app consumes data. Choose the option you want and enjoy streaming your favorite tracks.

As most avid music lovers are always in search of such music apps and it’s tricks. So hopefully, these tips and tricks would come handy for you, so keep streaming music and enjoy the Spotify experience.


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