4 FAQs New Business Owners Might Have About Unikernels For Their Company

4 FAQs New Business Owners Might Have About Unikernels For Their Company

If you’re opening a new business and you need to know how to run technical applications – but you’re not sure how – you may have a lot of questions. This is totally understandable – the process of cloud-based infrastructure can be confusing for new business owners. Not only is this a new technology in itself, but there are various types of cloud infrastructure that you can use to run your applications, securely store data, and make your business run effectively!

So which do you choose? Should you use containers, virtual machines, or unikernels? Although you may have heard of unikernels, you are not sure how they run, the benefits of this technology, and why you should choose this option over the alternatives. Let’s see a few questions and answers that you may have about this popular and highly-utilized technology.

4 FAQs about unikernels!

How do unikernels differ from the alternatives?

The other options besides using unicorns are virtual machines or containers. Virtual machines contain a massive operating system that can run various applications at one time, such as Linux. These operating systems are usually highly complex, versatile, and have the capacity and ability to run multiple different concepts and functionalities. Since they are built to be used by multiple people and run various applications, they can be complex and take up more space.

On the other hand, unikernels are single space machine images – meaning they are very simple and fast. They are single-purpose, meaning they only run one application at one time. They don’t have the complexity of the technology of the other options, making it faster, more secure, and targeted towards running one single process.

Are unikernels secure?

One of the main benefits of universal is that they are highly secure. Compared to the alternatives, unikernels have a smaller surface area – meaning a smaller attack space for cyber threats and attacks. By increasing cyber security, unikernels offer a higher level of protection than standard operating systems. They can optimize their code to change their footprint or their trace left behind, making the order for cyberattacks to recognize and attack the code. 

What is the purpose of universality?

The main focus on coming up with unikernels is to create an alternative to containers and virtual machines. By creating options that are more agile, lightweight, secure, easy to use, flexible, and reusable, companies can better utilize their resources. Not to mention, the unikernels use an operating system in their makeup, meaning you do not need an additional operant time to run the unikernels!

Are there any other benefits to using unikernels?

One of the other benefits is that they are easy to start up and simple to use. Since they have a small surface area and minimal technology, they can start up extremely quickly compared to containers and virtual machines that are more complex.


As you can see, using unikernels is one of the best ways that new businesses can run applications, store data, and operate efficiently! Knowing as much as you can about unikernels before using is this btw way that you can be prepared for your new endeavors.

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