10+ Best Series on Amazon Prime, According to IMDb

10+ Best Series on Amazon Prime, According to IMDb

With productions ranging from sci-fi to drama, Amazon Prime has increasingly invested in original and streaming exclusive titles. For those who are looking for good series on the platform for the marathon, we’ve put together a list for you.

Amazon Prime has been gaining new subscribers with original content and other big hits. And among the many options available, how do you choose what to invest your time in? That’s what IMDb is for, the darling of movie lovers. 

Briefly, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information about music, film, and movies, as well as programs and commercials for television and computer games. 

The platform belongs to Amazon and allows users to rate series and movies with a rating – the higher, the better the production.

To make sure you watch great content, we’ve selected the best Amazon Prime Video series based on IMDb ratings. 

And a small spoiler: most are original Amazon productions, which shows the brand’s majesty in the film sector. Now the marathon is guaranteed; just make the popcorn, turn on your CenturyLink internet and play!

1. Invincible (IMDb Score 8.8)

From The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Invincible is based on the Skybound/Image comic book of the same name by Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley. 

About superheroes, the animated series for adults revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), a boy like any other his age – except for the detail that his father is the most powerful superhero in the world planet, Omni-Man (JK Simmons). 

But as Mark develops his powers, he discovers that his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

2. The Boys (IMDb Score 8.7)

The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians, and as revered as gods, abuse their superpowers rather than using them for good. 

It’s powerless versus superpower, as the boys embark on a heroic journey to expose the truth about “The Seven” with the support of Vought.

3. Fleabag (IMDb Score 8.7)

Fleabag is a delve into the seething mind of an intelligent, sexual, restless, and grief-stricken woman as she goes about her daily life in modern London. 

Award-winning playwright Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the author and plays Fleabag, an authentic woman trying to get her life back together while rejecting help from anyone who tries to stand by her during her crisis.

4. This Is Us (IMDb Score 8.7)

This is us is a family drama series originally broadcast by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). 

The story follows the exciting lives of the Pearsons, in moments of joy and heartbreak, revelations emerge from the past of parents Jack and Rebecca, while triplets Kate, Randall, and Kevin discover deeper meaning in their current lives.

Successful businessman and father Randall seeks information about his birth parents, Kate finds love and self-acceptance as she struggles with obesity, and Kevin pursues a more meaningful career.

The series presents the history of the family at different times, alternating between the present and the childhood of the three brothers.

5. Wonderful Mrs. Maisel (IMDb Score 8.7)

In 1958 New York, Midge’s life is on track: husband, kids, and elegant dinners in her Upper West Side apartment. But when her life takes a turn, she has to quickly decide what else she can do. 

Becoming a comedian is an unusual choice for everyone but her. Wonderful Ms. Maisel is written and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls).

Awarded with 16 Emmys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel proposes a humorous discussion about the role of women in society in the 1950s and 1960s. The protagonist defies gender conventions and not only becomes an independent woman.

6. Bosch (IMDb Note 8.4)

Based on the novels by Michael Connelly, Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), an LA homicide detective, stands trial for shooting an alleged serial killer – while a cold case involving a young boy forces Bosch to face his past. 

A daring recruit, Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching), impresses him, and as department politics heats up, Bosch seeks justice at all costs.

7. Goliath (IMDb Note 8.2)

The unexpected death of an old friend sends Billy McBride on a case in the drought-stricken Central Valley, where he will face a new Goliath: a billionaire farmer, his sister, and a plot to steal California’s most valuable resource water. As Billy and his team search for the truth, old enemies and inner demons surface and force him to confront his mortality.

8. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (IMDb Score 8.1)

Who is Jack Ryan? You’ve probably heard that name. Created by Tom Clancy, it became iconic in cinema. Having already been played by Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, and, more recently, by Chris Pine, the character is always reinventing himself. 

The protagonist of a series of books created in the 1980s, Jack Ryan comes directly to a new production: the series that Amazon seems to have invested so much money. And I can say, money well invested.

With eight episodes, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is perhaps one of the biggest hits of the year. With a captivating plot, the series doesn’t give you time to breathe, developing its plots without any ado.

In the series story, Ryan – played by John Krasinski – is a CIA analyst with wounds from the past. Physical and emotional. 

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But, after discovering, through a series of bank transactions, the existence of a terrorist, Jack is thrown into the middle of a whirlwind, going to hunt the threat in different parts of the world.

From then on, the construction of the series cores is incredible. We are introduced to Suleiman’s family, who become an essential ingredient for the Middle East story to work. 

The terrorist’s wife doesn’t take her actions for granted, and begins an escape attempt, drawing the public’s attention to a subplot that, at a certain point, draws more attention than the main one.

Likewise, Jack’s development with other characters is also very good. Her relationship with James Greer (Wendell Pierce) is one of the big plot points. The partnership yields good times and the trust that one builds in the other is shown little by little. 

Jack’s relationship with physician Cathy Müller (Abby Cornish) is also developed beyond a love interest. She becomes a key player in destroying the series villain’s plans.

9. Modern Love (IMDb Score 8.0)

Modern Love is a series that tells love stories, freely adapted from short stories published in The New York Times column of the same name. The eight episodes of the first season are available on Amazon Prime Video and the second season is on the way. 

The series is about love, but not necessarily romantic love. It can be a love from the past, a marriage falling into a rut, a flirtation that finds itself working better as a friendship.

Even based on real cases, the creators allowed themselves to make some changes to make the events more attractive. And look, it worked. 

Delicately and sensitively, Modern Love is an engaging series that portrays romantically and faithfully the encounters and love relationships in the present day. 

We all have different feelings and each person expresses them in their way, and that’s what the work succeeds in portraying.

10. Upload (IMDb 8.0 grade)

In 2033, people who are close to death can “upload” in virtual reality hotels from 6 companies. Nora lives in Brooklyn and works in customer service for “Lakeview”, a digital afterlife company. 

When Nathan, a playboy programmer, is in a car accident, his girlfriend “uploads” him into Nora’s virtual world. The upload was created by Greg Daniels (The Office).

11. American Gods (IMDb Score 7.9)

The battle between the Old Gods and the New Gods continues to rage as we meet Mr. Wednesday just hours after his declaration of war and the epic showdown at the Easter party. 

While Mr. World plots revenge for the attack, Mr. Wednesday continues his mission to sell the idea of ​​war to the Old Gods, dragging Shadow, Laura, and Mad Sweeney with him.

12. Little Fires Everywhere (IMDb Rating 7.8)

The plot reports the conflicting coexistence of two completely different family nuclei: Elena Richardson commands the traditional white, rich, and “good” American family, while Mia Warren has a curious life as a nomadic artist alongside her teenage daughter, Pearl. 

The story explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, the fierce pull of motherhood – and the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster.

13. Hanna (IMDb Score 7.5)

A well-crafted thriller and coming-of-age drama, HANNA follows the journey of an extraordinary young woman raised in the woods as she flees the relentless pursuit of a self-made CIA agent and tries to uncover the truth behind who she is.


Taking advantage of your free time to watch series is all good. So, choose one of these options, ensure a good quality connection to internet providers, prepare the popcorn and discover your new series to love.

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