Best Automated Resume Screening Software of 2024

Best Automated Resume Screening Software of 2024

Effective and efficient resume screening software constitutes the life of a good recruiting process. But then again, this is one of the most time-consuming activities, and it can take 23 hours to match an applicant to a role. Fortunately, modern software for recruiting makes it easier to automate, improve, and streamline resume screening.

Well, that’s all that we will be talking about today! This blog is for you whether you are just beginning your career as a recruiter or looking to improve your resume screening skills. We will go through the essentials of resume screening and then talk about more sophisticated procedures.

What does it mean resume screening?

Screening software, also known as a candidate tracking system, is software made to streamline the hiring process for the company. Thus, this software aids the recruiter in conducting a smooth hiring process that stretches from posting job vacancies to conducting the onboarding process.

Below are some of the types of resume screening softwares that most recruiters today make use of: 

  • AI Resume Parsing Software
  • Standalone Resume Parsing Software
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (Most Trending)

However, today, businesses tend to integrate resume parsers with ATS systems. This is because this approach not only streamlines the recruitment process but also ensures a more objective and consistent screening process. So, let us now take a glance at how this parsing software actually works.

How does resume screening software work?

This software has a simple way of working with a straightforward solution to the hiring needs of the company. Almost all the ATS tools for recruitment work in the following way: 

  • As soon as the recruiter inserts the job description into the software, the software posts a job post on various online platforms. Also, it creates an ideal profile based on this job description. 
  • As the candidates submit their applications through the online portal, the screening software scans and parses them. Parsing a resume includes extracting the relevant information from it and putting it in a structure. 
  • After parsing the resume, the software compares it to the ideal profile created in the first step. It searches for keywords and related skills in the resume. If the resume screening software finds relevant keywords, it ranks the applications or straightaway rejects them. 
  • The ranking is based on the compatibility of the resume with the ideal profile. Thus, the better the compatibility, the higher the rank will be. 
  • After ranking and sorting, the ATS stores this data in its database for future reference and analysis. 

This is how a resume screening software works. Further, let us take a look at its benefits. 

What are the benefits of resume screening software?

Using ATS systems for recruiting can be highly beneficial. It can do wonders if you know how to use it efficiently. Hence, the following are the benefits of this software that you, as a recruiter, must not miss out on:

Saves huge time

Time is as good as money when it comes to businesses and companies. Every minute matters, and the recruiter cannot afford to waste these on clerical work related to the hiring process. Thanks to resume screening software, the recruiter need not do the time-consuming job and can concentrate on the hiring process. 

Quality of hire 

The ATS recruitment system sets the criteria for candidates to be hired by the company. Thus, only the candidates meeting these criteria or above pass through parsing softwares. This is to ensure the company only gets good and qualified candidates in the market. 

Talent pool and candidate sourcing 

The screening software helps to source candidates from multiple platforms around the world. So, the recruiter has a huge variety of talent to choose from. Moreover, it collects data and forms a database of talented candidates, forming a huge talent pool. This helps the recruiter make quick hires in the future. 

So, these were the ways resume screening software benefits the recruiter. Looking ahead, let us move to the next section, which is about the challenges of screening software.

What are the challenges of resume screening software?

Recruiting through ATS systems can prove highly beneficial. It can work miracles if you know how to use it wisely. Hence, the following are the benefits of this software that you, as a recruiter, must not miss out on:

Language barriers

One of the major issues is that resume screening software utilizes natural language processing (NLP) heavily for parsing and interpreting resume content. But in the interim, the way to beat language barrier issues here is clear and plain screen criteria for resume screening as well as a description of jobs that are free from cultural allusions or colloquial phrases which can confuse NLP algorithms.

Software reliability

The major concern is still the reliability whereby AI-based recruiting tools could be quite inconsistent and flawed. These challenges are, however, only solvable through further feeding of data into these tools. Using data, AI is designed to analyze patterns and combinations. They require a huge amount of data to achieve accurate predictive analysis through AI.

Parsing errors 

Poor data extraction during resume parsing is another frequent challenge when using resume screening software. Mistakes at this point can confuse the algorithms or misrepresent key information relevant to correct candidate matching and scoring. Hence, meticulous optimization of the parsing models will assist in minimizing the errors. Manual correction can also improve the parsing engine through machine learning.

So, are there any tips or ways to prevent these challenges? Yes, of course, there are many. In the next section, let us take a look at the most effective ways to outsmart screening burdens. 

Top secrets to outsmart resume screening software

Have you ever wondered why you are continuously rejected even when you are well-qualified for the job? The answer is the lack of optimized resumes. Worry not! We will explain the tricks to optimize your resume and pass through the screening software. You can:

  • Always use keywords in your resume. Keywords are the repetitive words or skills occurring in the job post. The recurrence of these is the symbol the recruiter wants the candidate to possess. So, read the job post carefully and add various keywords to your resume. 
  • Always go for a simple format. The resume screening software is incapable of reading unnecessarily complicated resumes. 
  • Update your resume for every job post you are applying to. Understand that every job post is different, with different keywords. Try to incorporate those in your resume every time. However, it might be tough and time-consuming for novices, but it is worth it. 
  • Try to avoid using images and tables in your resume, as the software cannot scan and understand these. Also, try to keep your resume as short and precise as possible. 

This is how you can outsmart the software if you are a candidate. But what about the recruiters? Worry not! We have some tips for you, too! They are: 

  • Update the keywords list regularly, even if you are searching for candidates for the same job vacancy. Remember that candidates use multiple synonyms in their resumes. Hence, try to incorporate new words into the list. 
  • Try to incorporate a human touch into your communication messages. At times, the resume screening software can be too technical and robotic. So, inserting a warm paragraph in the software to be shared by all can help you put that human touch. 
  • Let the candidates know that they are being screened. Keep the communication transparent, as it will help the candidates prepare accordingly. 

Thus, this is how you can outsmart the screening software as an employer. So, here comes the turn for the last yet most crucial section of our blog piece – the best resume screening software in the USA. So, without wasting time, let us look at the top picks.

Which are the best resume screening solutions in the USA?

The following is the list of the best picks for resume screening software solutions in the USA:

Pitch N Hire 

Pitch N Hire is a one-stop solution for all of your screening needs. It is one of the best ATS systems for recruiting, famous worldwide for its hassle-free talent acquisition. Also, it integrates with CRM, which helps cut off the paperwork. Moreover, it provides a FREE demo through which you can try the ATS system and decide for yourself. Not only this! Some of its features include SSO, premium domains, in-app notifications, and site administration. 


CVViZ is a cloud-based software that allows the recruiter to access resumes from anywhere in the world. It uses a technology called intelligent relative ranking that helps the recruiter to match the candidate’s qualifications with the job profile. Moreover, it offers smart screening by eliminating duplicate or incomplete resumes at once. It also integrates other screening tools with it and ranks candidates based on the quality of resumes. 


Employa is driven by an AI approach that helps to eliminate all unsuitable resumes. This way, only the best resumes remain and can be ranked based on their compatibility. Moreover, this platform has unlimited options for search criteria. Also, it integrates almost naturally with your ATS system. This platform also uses a unique technology where it finds fake and fraudulent resumes and rejects them directly. 


CVJury is one of the best resume-parsing software for candidates. It scans your resume and gives suggestions to improve it. Moreover, it ensures that your resume is strong enough to land you a personal interview. It matches the keywords and job description with your resume and adds the required things. It also helps you to fill the skill gap. 

Paycor Recruiting 

This platform was previously known by the name of Newton software. It is well known to reduce errors caused by manual work. It streamlines the candidate’s information and facilitates quick communication with the candidate. Moreover, it has real-time analytics that helps to track the candidate information efficiently. It also provides room for future hiring and has an advanced search mechanism. 


Resume screening software is one of the most crucial parts of hiring candidates. Understanding the secrets of screening software can help employers immensely optimize hiring processes. This way, only the best candidates will be hired for the company. This will indirectly help in the betterment of the company. So, wait no more. Opt for one of the screening software mentioned above and start your hiring journey today. 

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