For Smart Home: How to Replace Old Washing Machine into New?

For Smart Home: How to Replace Old Washing Machine into New?

Replacing an old washing machine with a new one is not an easy task, if we desire to have a smart home. It requires a lot of things to consider while replacing the old one with new one technology. Some the things that you see in a new one like efficiency, durability, power consumption are good, but most important of them are the location and space too. Whether you have a big house or a small house, you must definitely have a place where your washing machine would be kept. But it is possible that the new one may fit to that place.

Not only this they may not fit through your doorways and this could be the most exclusive problem as after buying returning it because of the small doorway is not always possible. Some of the washing machine are as large as 30 inches wide in size. These best washing machines need wide doorways to get inside your home.

Most of us try to hold it by hand take it to our place with the help of our fellow friends but this is not the right way. You must have a heavy duty hand held helping machine to carry your washing machine. It is needed because it may be enough heavy to be picked up by you and it may fall and get damaged. Using a hand held truck protects it from any damage caused in transportation from the vehicle to your home.

One more thing you must keep in mind if you are installing your new or old machine to a new place. You must run hot and cold water pipes to the place where it is connected and then remove it with the help of a shut off valve.

Steps to Connect your washing machine

Fixing up the cold water and hot water inlet pipe –

It is one of the most important part of connecting your washing machine as a washing machine always requires water for cleaning up your clothes. So, screwing up the water hoses is an important task and it should must be done with proper attention. While connecting the water pips of the washing machine, always be sure to connect hot water pipe to hot water tap and cold water pipe to cold water pipe. This is because, the hot water pipes are made up of material which can hold hot water while the cold water pipe may not be made up of the material to hold hot water.

Connecting the washing machine supply pipe

Always connect supply pipes in such a say that it is properly connected to the right valves. This should be done more attentively to avoid any damage to your washing machine.

Putting the drainpipe rightly

There are two different ways to put the draining pipe. Firstly, you can put it inside the stand pipe, if you have one. Secondly, you can directly connect this pipe to the draining pipe. But be sure to check for the leaks, turn on the water supply valves and see if there is any leak or not.


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