How to check Employees PC and Cell Phone Activities Remotely

How to check Employees PC and Cell Phone Activities Remotely

Are you looking for the most efficient way to spy on computer devices and cell phones of employees? The entrepreneurs around the world have been using different software to keep the digital devices of workers under surveillance. This article discusses how the most advanced software of TheOneSpy enables employers to keep tabs on the company-owned computers and mobile phones.

Computer Tracker Software

The businesspersons can supervise the computer activities of their workers by getting the company-owned devices installed with the spy software. It provides access to the data stored on the device and allows evaluating the digital activities of employees. The software is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. Given are the features of the computer surveillance software of TheOneSpy.

Screen Recorder

The high-tech software lets you witness and record every computer activity of your employees performed in real or scheduled time. Log into the web portal of the software and send command to the targeted device to start taking screenshots or making short video to capture whatever appears on the computer screen.

User-Friendly Reports

The software lets you evaluate the performance of your employees by closely watching out their digital activities. It provides user-friendly report on the usage of computer devices and helps identify the frequently used apps, programs and websites.


The computer tracker software records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the target computer. It includes but not limited to passwords, usernames and credentials of online accounts.

Access Internet Browsing History

The internet usage of workers can be evaluated by accessing the internet browsing history of their computer devices. The software lets you find out the frequently visited webpages and queries.

Website Blocking

If your employees are misusing the internet facility, you can block their access to unwanted websites by blocking them. The software lets you block websites by URL, category or keywords.

Surround Recording

The workplace activities of employees can be closely monitored by turning the cameras of their computers on. You can see and record surrounding scenes and sounds to detect and combat workplace bullying, gossips and unproductive talks.

Mobile Phone Spy App

Looking for the most advanced mobile phone monitoring app? TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app is the most appropriate option for employee monitoring. It allows supervising activities performed inside and outside the workstation during and after the working hours. You can witness almost every activity performed by your workers on their monitored mobile phones without having access. Using this app, you can monitor any Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei or another mobile phone running android operating system version 5 and above.

SMS Tracker

The monitoring app lets you supervise the conversations of your staff by providing access to their incoming and outgoing SMS.

Call Recorder

You can listen to the phone calls of your sales, marketing and customer care staff by getting these calls recorded. The spyware app automatically records each call landing on the target phone. Also, it provides access to contact information of callers and recipients.

Remote Control Apps

The applications installed on the target phone can be blocked, unblocked and uninstalled. It allows blocking your workers’ access to unwanted and unproductive mobile apps.

Track Social Media Apps

The performance of social media marketing managers can be evaluated by closely watching out their activities performed on social media platforms. You can supervise their chats and posts made via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and commonly used social and instant messengers.

Trace Location

The GPS location of traveling staff can be found out to ensure they are on assigned routes. The tracker app shows current GPS location of your workers and provides detail of trips made by them.

Monitor & Manage Contacts

The contacts saved on the mobile phones of your marketing and sales staff are of great importance. You can access these contacts and manage the contact list by making new additions and deletions without accessing the device.

Remote Control Camera and MIC

The app lets you operate camera and microphone of the monitored mobile phones of workers. You can take photos and make videos of the surroundings to closely watch out the workplace activities of employees.

The spy software for mobile phone and computer devices provides complete monitoring solution to employers.

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