7 Amazing Smart Home Gadgets

7 Amazing Smart Home Gadgets

Below represented devices are doing perfect work with energy efficiency, privacy, and security.

Even though Amazon and Google are the predominant players in the smart home market, other companies are also developing innovative products.  Similar to the 22Bet in Naija, these innovations can make life simpler. There are hundreds of small teams working on new ways to make our lives easier. Despite the lack of a single big breakthrough in voice assistance or robotic systems, smaller groups are still exploring new possibilities in areas such as security, privacy, and energy efficiency.

There are so many kinds of smart home accessories out there that it’s hard to narrow down which ones to highlight. Whether you’re looking to add more automation to your home or upgrade your existing system, these seven gadgets are sure to come in handy for everyone.

Ego Power Plus Lawn Mower

Although robots are certainly cool, they’re also expensive. While they can be useful, electric lawnmowers are more energy-efficient and can also be quieter. One of the most innovative products on this list is the Ego Power Plus Lawn Mower, which costs $500. Despite its lack of internet connectivity, this product is as clever as anything else on this list.

The Ego Power Plus Lawnmower is more expensive than most push mowers, but it’s also more energy-efficient and can save you money in the long run. It takes around 30 minutes to charge, and it can also save you money on gas.

Eve Aqua

If you have a lawn or garden that needs water every morning, you might want to consider using a smart sprinkler controller. The Eve Aqua product can be attached to your hose and connected to your spigot, which will automatically turn on and off the water.


Despite the rise of voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the smart home hub still seems like outdated technology. However, with the help of the Hubitat Elevation Hub, you can control all of your connected devices locally. This is unlike other products, which are typically stored in the cloud.

Unfortunately, for most consumers, the added privacy of a smart home hub won’t be worth the cost. However, for those who are privacy-conscious, or security-minded, the solution from Hubitat could be a cheap alternative.


If you have a remote-controlled fan, but you’re constantly losing the remote, Bond can solve this issue by allowing you to control it through either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also program the fan to switch on or off by just saying “Alexa, turn on the fan.”

Echo Flex

The Echo Flex is a versatile gadget that can be used to bring Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into your home. It features a built-in speaker and a USB port, which can be used to add other modules, such as nightlights. Its modular design allows it to be used in different areas of the house, and it can also be useful for controlling lights in your hallway at night.

Wyze Home Security System

Despite the increasing cost of smart cameras, no company has pushed the envelope more than Wyze. Its Core Kit, which costs $100, is a great alternative to its $30 camera. It comes with a variety of features, such as a door and window contact sensor. It’s also easy to install and can be used by anyone who’s looking for an additional level of security.

Smart Home Remote

While a smart home remote may not seem like the most interesting gadget, this lit dodecahedron device can control various home accessories, such as smart light switches and light bulbs, when you spin it around. This smart gadget, which may not be practical for turning off your lights, is guaranteed to make you think of James Bond while you’re doing other mundane tasks.

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