6 Best Sight Word Apps For Android in 2020

6 Best Sight Word Apps For Android in 2020

Sight words are the simple words that occur multiple times in everyday conversations. The kids are required to identify these words without any thought to it to ensure fast reading and understanding. These are the first words taught to any child, that is their first footsteps in the world of English. 

In today’s world, it is difficult for the child to get a physical education, and the world as a whole is converted into online teaching-learning methods. You can also find sight word apps here and get more info. As a result, numerous applications have been developed to ease the transition from baby words to human words. 

The Six best sight words apps in 2020 in no particular order are 

  1. Sight words: Dolch Coach
  2. Reading eggs
  3. Teach your monster to read
  4. Endless reader
  5. Sight words sentence builder
  6. Pocket sight words

1)  Sight Words: Dolch Coach

This app has a fun and colorful graphic experience. The game teaches the kids the essential sight words and helps them recognize and remember them in the introductory sentences used daily. This game also stores the complicated terms for your child to understand and keeps repeating them, thus making it a personalized experience for each user. 

2) Reading Eggs

This is another app that can be personalized with respect to the child. It is a versatile app that can be either used as an official teaching tool for a classroom or individual level. The words can be taught to kids through various methods like interactive games or songs or many books to read. The games being level based help the kids to gain a sense of achievement and ensure overall growth.

3) Teach Your Monster To Read

The app itself is characterized by a lot of minigames along with the main game. The levels start with basic knowledge of letter sounds and range to cohesive words and sentences. The sense of achievement is provided with ‘TRICKY’ that can be used to customize the monster. 

However, a major con in the game is the extensive plot and storyline that keeps popping up between the levels. This may be enjoyable to some kids, whereas the others might be distracted from the actual learning process. Moreover, this feature adds to the exact learning time, making the process tiresome, methodical, and slow.

4) Endless Reader

 A fun game with multiple levels for children to play. The animations and graphics are unique, cute, and child friendly. The kid chooses the word from the monster, and then the story is jumbled up. This methodology helps to enhance memorization power. The selected term is then put into a sentence, and the sentence is then knocked off the board. 

The learner is then expected to put that sentence back together. Each word of the sentence is then read out and associated with an animation. Due to this, the learner is also introduced to the pronunciation of the words. Since a word can be used in multiple sentences, this method helps to put a word into the child’s brain as it keeps on repeating.

5) Sight Words Sentence Builder

As the name suggests, the child must build a sentence from the given words and punctuations which are jumbled up. The major drawback is that the child is expected to know all the words before using it as this app does not explicitly teach the sight words. 

Also, since this game contains only a single method, it can get repetitive, and the learner may tend to lose interest. This app is focused on more of an educational aspect than a fun interactive game, making it suitable for ages above 5. Overall, this a thorough and thorough learning app and can be included in the curriculum. 

6) Pocket Sight Words

An app that uses puzzles to build the learner’s vocabulary. The primary method used to teach the kids is matching the words. The puzzles are, however, available only after the review of the Dolch sight words. These words appear on the screen, and the learner can click on the microphone symbol to hear the pronunciation. 

There is also a magnifying glass symbol that shows how the word is used in sentences. This sentence can also be read out loud. After all the words have been reviewed in this manner, a puzzle appears where the child has to identify the word spoken amongst the many words that appear on the screen. Even though this app is interactive, the method is monotonous, unlike the other competitors.  

In conclusion, all the apps available on the app store cater to various audiences. One must make sure what is best for them and choose the app suitable for their child’s age and learning pace. However, in this era of online teaching and learning, all these apps contribute a lot to the toddlers’ education kept away from the physical classroom teaching and learning experience.



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