Why You Should Use USB-C for Your Computer – Read a Gadget Blog to Get Some More Information

Why You Should Use USB-C for Your Computer – Read a Gadget Blog to Get Some More Information

The standard HDMI, USB, and power connection ports that we are used to on our computers could be a thing of the past. Both Windows and Mac laptops rapidly adopt a new universal standard that delivers enhanced functionality, speed, and convenience; the USB-C. 

USB-C is rapidly becoming part and parcel of most computers, phones, and tablets today. But what exactly is it?

What Is USB-C?

Before this gadget blog gets into what USB-C connection is, it’d only make sense if we began with why they are here, to begin with.  

When Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology came out in 1996, it was quickly adopted by users and manufacturers who yearned for a solution to the confusion caused by multiple computer connection ports that differed in compatibility. 

Over the years, the universality that made USB universal has disappeared, and things have become a little confusing again, with different computers using different ports. 

However, USB aims to regain the universality that made it so convenient through USB-C. 

USB-C is a single, standard connector format for all devices and can have the same connector at each end of the cable. The connectors are small, thin, and oval in shape. 

They are also symmetrical, meaning you can plug in the connector in either direction. This makes connectivity a lot simpler, and you won’t have to risk damaging your port by forcing it in the wrong direction.  

Of course, the change in design is barely enough reason to upgrade all your devices. There’s a lot more to USB-C technology than not having to struggle with flipping over the cable to make it fit your device. 

Here’s a list of other compelling reasons why you should use USB-C. 

1. Offers More Power

Computers that support USB-C can enjoy fast-charging power delivery (PD) boosted to 100 watts. PD is an intelligent technology that finds out from your computer just how much voltage is needed and quickly delivers precisely the power provided reliably and safely.

Unlike the conventional system of earlier versions of USB cables, PD that’s only available on USB-C and can deliver power in two directions. This means you can use your laptop to give your phone a quick recharge. 

2. Offers Video and Audio Output

USB-C data speed is so fast that it can convey 4k ultra-high-resolution video signal. You can connect your laptop to an external display device such as a monitor, projector, and even TV. 

USB-C is also replacing the 3.5mm audio jack because it can deliver better high-quality audio.

3. Quick Data Transfer

One of the most impressive functions of the USB-C is data transfer. USB-C supports transfer standards from two generations. With USB Type-C on one end and USB Type-A on the other, Generation 1 works at 5Gbps while Generation 2 does double that figure.  

With USB-C on both ends, however, you can expect even more speed. 

The Bottom Line

With so many laptops today coming with USB Type C compatibility, it is clear that the technology is here to stay. It is a straightforward solution to the issue of simultaneous connections, and its potential for the future is nothing short of massive. 

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