The Best Lenovo Laptops for Gaming

The Best Lenovo Laptops for Gaming

Are you one of the three in four Americans who regularly indulge in gaming on your PC or other platforms?

Video games have evolved immensely from their humble beginnings in 1958 when your only choice was a simple tennis-styled game called ‘Pong’.

While many enthusiasts still indulge in these classic games, many of the best videogames 2021 offers are all PC-based. They feature realistic graphics and complicated plot lines. 

Whichever games you enjoy best, you’ll need a top-of-the-range laptop or desktop computer to cope with all its intricacies.

Here’s why you should choose Lenovo laptops for gaming, according to expert gamer reviews. 

Why Choose Lenovo Laptops?

Lenovo’s journey toward gaming excellence began in 1988 in China under the name Legend and grew fast to dominate the Hong Kong market within 8 years. In 2004, Legend changed its name to Lenovo.

Today, this multi-billion-dollar company operates in 160 countries across the globe. Lenovo currently ranks 224th on the prestigious  Fortune 500 list. Apart from laptops, their offering includes a host of reliable servers, IT management software, storage solutions, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and apps.

The company’s known for tailoring its offering to suit every kind of laptop user. There are Lenovo laptops in various price ranges for students, business people, creatives, and gamers. 

Likewise, they didn’t stop at designing only one gaming laptop. Lenovo boasts an impressive range of laptops suited to every kind of gamer, even those on a tight budget. 

You’ll also find Lenovo gaming laptops that work for both home and office, so you’ll save money on buying a separate rig for each. 

Lenovo called in the experts when designing their range of gaming laptops. So, you know that every Lenovo laptop you buy for gaming’s designed by gamers for gamers. 

These are the best offers by Lenovo.

Lenovo Legion 5i

The Legion 5i remains one of Lenovo’s best-selling laptops for gamers thanks to its lower price and high-performance aspects. It’s a 15.6-inch laptop designed specifically for gaming.

Some of the best features of this ever-popular customizable laptop include:

  • 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 H processors
  • Maximum Windows 10 Pro Available
  • The choice of up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics 
  • A minimalist, clean design 
  • A year of free support from Legion Ultimate

A 512 GB hard drive, anti-glare screen, and 8 GB DDR4 2933MHz memory add to the picture. The keyboard is comfortable and responsive with soft landing switches and lighting across four customizable zones. 

Lenovo Legion 7i

Well-built and sturdy, the Legion 7i offers outstanding performance and a few extras that make the higher price well worth it. It’s finely calibrated, with a TrueStrike keyboard and super-fast high-refresh panels.

The 7i’s customizable up to a 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 HK-Series processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ Graphics.

The top-notch aluminum chassis and thinner frame are a top hit with those who find Lenovo’s usual laptop designs boring, and the 7i has one of the highest frame rates in its class.

Legion Y740

Lenovo upgraded the Legion Y740 to feature a high-end aluminum and plastic chassis with a premium feel and refined, solid characteristics. 

It’s also got the very latest in high-end processing and graphics, a dual-channel thermal system, and a water-repellant keyboard for 100% anti-ghosting. 

Extra refinements include enhanced brightness levels and faster refresh rates.

The rear-facing ports include HDMI, a mini-display port, two USB Type-A 3.1 ports, a power port, and a Kensington lock. These make for a clean setup if you’re connecting the Y740 to any extra accessories.  

Additional side-mounted ports include a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB-C Thunderbolt port, and a USB Type-A 3.1 on the side.

The keyboard has a set of macro keys on the left and totally customizable RGB backlighting. 

Screen quality is impressive boasting a maximum brightness of 440cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 1208:1 with clear, crisp FHC resolution. 

Legion Y540

The Legion Y540 offers 9th generation processing and enormous power and speed at a comparatively affordable price. It’s only 26 mm thin so it’s easy to transport and you can customize it with a variety of upgrades.

You can choose from 15-inch and 17-inch displays when you buy this laptop. Like the Y740, the ports are rear-facing, making for a neat tabletop setup. 

The Intel® Core™ i7-9750HF Processor offers up to 4.50 GHz with Turbo Boost, 12 Threads, 6 Cores, and a 12 MB cache.

Other specs include: 

  • 17.3″ FHDIPS, 60Hz anti-glare, 300 nits display
  • 8 GB DDR4 2666MHz memory
  • 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD 
  • A year of free support from Legion Ultimate  
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 4GB graphics
  • A 256 GB PCIe SSD

There’s also a 2TB hard drive option available.  

ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 3

This extremely powerful laptop suits gamers perfectly with plenty of extra performance benefits and excellent security features. It’s pre-packed with plenty of desirable gaming features. 

These include: 

  • 15.6″ screen with optional 4K display and Dolby Vision™
  • Up to 10th Gen Intel® Core® vPro™ H series processors
  • Excellent professional graphic options
  • The ability to support up to 4 extra monitors
  • Military-grade reliability and durability
  • Built-in ThinkShield security solutions
  • Multimedia enabled

The ThinkPad X1’s designed for the intense graphics required in the architecture, design, and engineering fields so it handles large, complicated gaming graphics with ease. 

ThinkPad P1

The ThinkPad P1 easily handles demanding programs, and is ISV-certified for all major applications, making it ideal for gamers. It’s a great replacement option for a high-end desktop PC or as a first-time purchase for your gaming journey.

The top P1 offers plenty of bang for your buck thanks to the following features:

  • 10th Generation Intel® Xeon® W-10855M Processor with vPro™
  • up to 5.10 GHz with Turbo Boost
  • 6 Cores
  • 12 Threads
  • 12 MB Cache

Thanks to all these high-end features, Lenovo gaming laptops are an expensive buy. Fortunately, you can save on Lenovo gaming laptops when you take advantage of Black Friday deals and other special offers. 

IdeaPad for Gaming

For those shopping for a versatile laptop that offers all the pizazz needed for the office, as well as the chops for gaming, Lenovo came up with the Ideapad. 

The Ideapad features powerful processors, FHD displays, enhanced audio, and premium discrete graphics all wrapped up in a stylish, lightweight exterior. 

These are the specs for this laptop:

  • 8 GB DDR4 3200 MHz
  • 1 TB 5400 RPM HDD
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650
  • 512 GB PCIe SSD

A 10th generation Intel® Core™ i7 or the latest AMD Ryzen™ processors offer supercharged gameplay and you’ll get all the perks of discrete NVIDIA GeForce® graphics while gaming on your Ideapad. 

Additional features include a 770p HD built-in webcam, enhanced Dolby Audio®, and solid-state drives with ultra-fast load times. The Ideapad can run all the most popular modern games at an acceptable rate but you might compromise on visual quality. 

Although the Ideapad isn’t suitable for hard-core gamers, it’s perfect for those looking to buy a dual-purpose laptop that’s great for work as well as leisure. 

Lenovo Laptop Gaming Accessories

Lenovo takes their PC gaming seriously. That’s why you’ll find a range of compatible extras to match their excellent array of gaming laptops. Laptop accessories enhance the experience and put you at the top of your game while playing on a Lenovo Legion laptop.

Lenovo gaming accessories include:

M500 Next Generation Gaming Mouse

A state-of-the-art gaming mouse helps prevent hand strain during hours of intense gameplay. 

Engineered for gaming, the M500 relies on the latest ergonomic principles in its design to offer maximum comfort. Features include textured side-grips to keep your hand rested in the palm grip position for maximum accuracy.

K500 All-Performance External Keyboard

This full-size, no-frills keyboard offers complete comfort while typing as well as a host of sought-after gaming features. 

Each key pops from its frame, with laser-etched keycaps to make the most of the featured crisp RGD LED lights. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology this keyboard offers over 16 million colors.

H500 Gaming Headphones

With built-in surround sound, the H500 Pro 7.1 headphones offer a premium gaming experience minus distractions. Thanks to ergonomic design principles incorporated into its stylish design, you can count on these headphones for hours of gaming enjoyment. 

Extra features include dedicated audio profiles and a premium retractable noise-canceling mic.

Take Your PC Gaming Experience to the Next Level

Now you needn’t remain deskbound while indulging in your favorite games. You can have your fun on the go thanks to the supreme portability and excellent reliability of Lenovo laptops.

Don’t be a gaming hermit, splash out on a Lenovo laptop and get out there to join in the fun with your friends. 

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