How is Artificial Intelligence Helpful in Object Detection

How is Artificial Intelligence Helpful in Object Detection

Modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) when applied to image processing, helps in implementing functionalities like face recognition, recognize objects in images, action recognition in videos and to run visual search. Object detection is a computer vision technique used to locate objects, its instances in image sand videos. When humans look at a particular image or video, we are able to recognize and locate object within a matter of moments.

AI’s object detection is used in a wide range of industries including the productivity and personal security areas. Facial detection is one of the most commonly used security measures in many buildings. Other than this, visual search helps customers get the products of interest they’re looking for. Object detection is used in many interesting areas of work such as:

  • Security
  • Crowd detection
  • Robotics
  • Industrial automation
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Vehicle detection

AI machines are becoming a part of our everyday lives. With AI features like image tagging, object identification etc. we have been enjoying the privileges of the latest technologies and easing human efforts.

Computer vision is the science of computer systems that makes it possible for machines to recognize and analyze different scenes and images. A number of algorithms are responsible for AI’s implementation for object detection.

Tesla & Google’s Object Detection feature

Google’s driverless cars are one of the most recent examples. Google cars make use of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), a remote sensing method that uses light as pulse laser to detect the range of objects to Earth. Created with keeping in view the concept of road accidents caused by human error, driverless cars work with IoT sensors that senses  forward collision warning, camera, radar, blind-spot monitoring, ultrasonic etc. With IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, cloud computing is used to give reaction on weather, maps, adjacent cars etc. This connectivity works over internet and solves small computing tasks locally.

The data collected by the car needs to be analyzed to determine what should be the action. Self-driving cars have to take the decisions flawlessly. Tesla cars work on detecting the environment around with AI software. This software uses high quality camera to view objects and collect data using computer vision technique. This information is then interpreted and best decision is made based on this.

Applications of Object Detection

  • Video Surveillance: Video detection techniques can easily track and identify multiple instances of a given object in a scene. Multiple people are easily tracked in real-time in a video scene. This type of tracking can provide valuable insights into safety, performance and so on.
  • Crowd Counting: Traffic or densely populated areas like malls, parks etc. use object detection assist businesses in optimizing their management or anything related to their business.
  • Anomaly detection: In healthcare, patient diseases can be diagnosed including specific symptom detection to know the disease on initial stage and take precautions before it gets worse.
  • Self-driving cars: Real-time car detection models lead to successful autonomous vehicles that can identify, track and locate objects around it. Anonymous objects can also be tracked and identified.
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