Look Out For These Accessories in Your New Car!

Look Out For These Accessories in Your New Car!

Buying your dream car is an exciting moment that you would want to cherish forever. You would be investing a lot of money to make the best of your purchase but your task doesn’t end there. Purchasing a modern car in this era would be incomplete without the instalment of advanced accessories. 

You can always place certain accessories as add-ons after purchasing the car but then some accessories are required in your daily driving routine and in absence of them you may get into trouble.

 Hence, if those necessary accessories are not present in your car you may want to rethink your choice of car or as an alternative, you may have them placed by a dealer. This blog will aware you of a list of must-have accessories to look for while purchasing a new car.

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  • Cover of the car you bought

A car cover provides necessary protection to your car from external threats like bird droppings, dust, harsh weather conditions, grime and a lot more. It further helps to retain the outer shine of the car for a longer period.

 If the car cover is not provided to you during the purchase make sure to buy one on your own.  The basic ones don’t cost much but buying a specific cover that would suit your car’s length and other parts are highly recommendable.

  • Installation of the updated security system

New cars are easily spotted by thieves who would try to find ways to steal them or sell their parts. To avoid such a nuisance check out the in-built security system that comes with the new car. If that is not updated with modern advancements then you can look for the updated ones in the open market. 

It is advisable to get it done from authorized centres only where there are professionals who hold expertise in such works. Look for the reputed brands that had gained popularity in car security over the years as security products from those brands would provide necessary assurance. 

Another important security accessory is a GPS tracking device that is usually installed in modern new cars. It keeps records of tracks your car has been to and also sends you messages about the location of your car.

 If you find something fishy about the car’s location you can immediately immobilize the car from your phone. With this GPS tracker, you will get to know the exact coordinates of your car anytime you want to. This way you don’t have to stress out about your new car getting stolen in the middle of the night or from any open parking space.

  • Floor Mats of the car

Floor mats of a car sustain the dirt, and stains and absorb the water that might otherwise hinder driving. Because of this floor mat, you can easily have some food and drinks in your car without stressing about making a mess inside there.

 Also, it provides a soft and comfortable space to rest your foot while driving. You can easily get a floor mat depending upon your car quality and budget to enjoy the additional benefits.

 Rubber floor mats are durable and hence can be a good choice for purchase. Weather floor mats are also good but a bit expensive compared to rubber floor mats.

  • Mobile holder for your smart accessories

Talking on the phone while driving is a serious offence for which you may have to pay penalty fees to the police. This is because this kind of multi-tasking can divert your attention from driving and cause unforeseen accidents in no time. With a mobile holder for your smart accessories, you can attend urgent calls without having to let your eyes go off the road for once.

 As we all know smart phones do more than calling, hence for using the GPS also you don’t need to look through the phone while driving, you can simply place the phone on the holder and the map will guide you accordingly, prompting loudly about the directions without needing you to look through the phone and divert your attention from the road. You can opt to buy these kinds of mobile holders at a very reasonable price.

  • Air freshener for the refreshing interior

Air freshener has been a basic need for car owners. They keep all the bad smells away keeping your car smelling refreshed every time you drive it. There can be multiple reasons for your car to stink be it rain or the after smell of the food. 

Air freshener maintains the aroma of your car and uplifts your mood while driving. You can look for a wide range of air fresheners in the market; they are available in gels, oil wicks as well as cardboard hangings.

 The cardboard hangings are cheaper compared to the gels and car wicks. However, the latter is most effective when it comes to refreshing your car’s persona.

  • Cleaning cloth for the basic maintenance

Going to the garage for a basic car wash and maintenance is not always possible. For doing the same work at home you can make use of a cleaning cloth that is made of microfibre. They effectively clean the car giving it a new appearance and shine.

 Micro fibre cleaning clothes are a bit expensive compared to the other ones but its outcome has been rated top most among others. The major drawback is not only its expensive it doesn’t even last longer because of which you can choose any other conventional cloth as an alternative. 

But don’t forget to keep servicing your car at the scheduled time. Facing trouble in the middle of the driving would be the last thing you want and which is why you shouldn’t skip a scheduled service.

  • Parking sensors for extra protection

Parking sensors are necessary for your car if you’re living in a populated city. This is because it alarms you beforehand if you are about to collide with any other object or car or if you are in proximity to any obstacle. Most modern vehicles have it installed by the manufacturer but if your car doesn’t have it you can opt for installing one. This helps the car from getting any external dents and protects you from an unforeseen collision. There are parking sensors that have installed voice automated system that further guides you of any potential threat in proximity. 

The Bottom line

Owning a car comes with certain unavoidable responsibilities. With the help of these accessories, it will be easier for you to get hold of those responsibilities without stressing about them. Installing some of the above-discussed accessories may loosen your budget but it’s worth all the money when it comes to your safety. 

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