What are some of the live streaming Metrics you should track?

What are some of the live streaming Metrics you should track?

How do you know what people think about your product? Do you have key performance indicators? For any service you offer, knowing how people think about it is very important. It involves gathering information not only about who is using the product but also how they use the product. The same concept applies to live to stream. Do you produce quality live streaming content? What are your audience’s thoughts on the quality of the Livestream? 

After investing your time and resources in producing a quality Livestream, you want to gain an insight into your success level. But how do you do this? Do you have a framework for measuring your success? As the quintessential streamer that you are, you want to have some key factors of tracking how you perform. This article takes a deep dive into the most indicative signs of a successful Livestream. Remember you can buy Facebook followers as a starter.

1. Device Viewership

Does your audience spend most of their time on Facebook? What are they using while on other social media platforms? Of late, mobile phone is taking a lead in live streaming. People rarely use their desktops while live streaming. This is because of the portability and convenience of using a phone.

 Knowing the device that your audience is using enables you to focus on the broadcast that they need. Have you used any supplement Livestream material –Twitter or Live sports? How was the experience of using them on phones? As you have noticed, most of these devices do not translate well to mobile devices. Just imagine the impact of a streamer using these platforms while a better percentage of its viewers are mobile users. Could be you lose up to 80% of potential viewers.

Knowing this, you want to transfer much of the supplement information to the actual video so that mobile users can get the content from the horse’s mouth. Normally, there is no bandwidth while using mobile. As a streamer, being privy to the fact that most of your viewers use phones, you want to reduce the quality of your videos so that you encompass them as well.

2. You want to know the difference between live viewership and demand viewership.

Do you know the needs of your viewers? Do they watch Livestream or prefer to do it later? Could be a better part of your Livestream audience watching the Livestream video? This means you mustn’t offer the video on demand. If a significant number of your viewers watch the content later, you need to produce the content later. This may enable you to not only attract more audiences but to keep them glued to your channel. Look at your numbers critically. This could be the bridge to your next level of live streaming.

3. Repeat Traffic

Do you experience touch-and-go traffic, once-and-done traffic? Do people return to watch multiple events from your site? What would make you go back to a church to which you have just been introduced? As a streamer, more than just talking, you want to sell experience. How do your viewers feel? It’s only compelling content that would make someone come back to your site. What type of content do you produce?

 Do you produce long, boring games expecting viewers to come back to you? Far from it, improve the quality of your content. Moreover, with repeat traffic, you can gauge your audience’s loyalty. Are you a sports team? Do you have repeat traffic? In the case of the sports team, you may not have a repeating stream because maybe your viewers support the opposing team. You, therefore, need to spend more on marketing. Facebook is among the kings of social media. Have you promoted your products on Facebook? You want to market your live stream there, definitely it will boost your traffic.

4. Duration of Views

For how long do people watch your streams? What have you started as the average churn for a 2-hour event? Is it 60 or 20 minutes? Low viewing duration is indicative of the desired improvement of the quality of the content. It could also indicate that you are not effectively reaching the right audience.

5. Presence of Unique visitors to your site

If one person visits your site more than 10 times a day, all the visits would be indicated by the same IP address if the person is using the same computer. After the Livestream, try to compare the number of unique views against the total number of views. This gives you an insight into your conversion rate. Though imperfect measure; IP address could be skewed if the same viewers are watching in a public space, most of the audience are likely to be watching from their computers.

You cannot achieve what you can’t measure. Do you have key performance indicators? Make these your guiding principles.

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