Tips for Making Instagram Videos to Win More Likes

Tips for Making Instagram Videos to Win More Likes

Everyone has different goals in using Instagram. Some for online businesses, some for sharing, some for getting lots of likes to look popular. Most Instagram users want to exist and be popular. The proof is that many selfie photos fill the Instagram homepage, and the most crowded are definitely from among girls. Don’t just take selfies. It’s boring. There are other ways that you can be popular and get lots of likes. What is it?

Try uploading a photo or a video that inspires someone. Interesting right? A person’s secret in making funny and cool videos must be a creative soul in him. Just like writing, the longer you learn to write, the better the results will be. Well, for videos, the better the videos are made, the higher the level of creativity of the creators. You can apply the right tips to make short Instagram videos.

1. Tell a story

The story has a significant role in making a video. Because the time limit is only 15 seconds, the creator must really think creatively in making videos. You can’t just rely on video editor skills because editor skills are patent, while creativity continues to evolve with the times.

One of the things that video makers rarely think about is what viewers want. For example, if the audience wants a comedy theme, then make a comedy video. Don’t think for yourself. Try asking your friends for advice and watch interesting and cool story videos.

2. Scenes-shooting

After the story is made, you also have to think about taking pictures. For example, you can see soap operas on TV with very good pictures and looks like life. Like a conversation, a close-up shot will definitely show the character’s facial expression.

3. Sound effects

Conversation in a video is not enough. In addition, the video is not silent and looks alive by adding sound effects. It can be a song or something like that. For example, if there is a telephone sound, you can add a telephone sound effect, Kringggg… Kringgg. And if what you make is a romantic video, then add it with romantic songs. Usually, songs are added at the end of the video as an ending.

4. Lighting

Taking pictures usually only uses a cellphone camera, Android or IOS. For good lighting, use natural lighting (sun). This means that you do Shutting outdoors to make it clearer and brighter. Then what if the shutdown is at night? If shutting down at night, add another light to make it brighter because if you only use the phone flash, it’s definitely not enough. It would help if you had better lighting.

5. Subtitle 

Subtitles can be interpreted as a complement to a video, even though the video is in English and everyone will understand it, but there is nothing wrong with adding subtitles. The use of subtitles is very helpful for viewers to enjoy the videos you make, wherever and whenever. Especially if the video you create is noisy, you definitely need to add text to the video.

6. Add hashtags

Hashtags can be interpreted as keywords. The more Hashtags, the more keywords you create. The Hashtag function on Instagram is the same as the Hashtag function on Twitter, sure as a tool to target keywords when someone wants to search for photos or videos. Try to make Hashtags that are a maximum of 5 or 6 only. Don’t overdo it. Take advantage of trending moments to create Hashtags.

7. Share To Social Media

Instagram can be connected to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Connect your Instagram account with social media accounts. The goal is that your popularity on Instagram is getting higher and automatically, the likes you get are also abundant.

This method is sometimes also used by online people to promote products. Just one upload and one click can share videos to all social media. Easier, faster and save time.

8. Like Other People’s Videos

If you want to get many likes, you should also try to like other people’s videos. Sometimes your likes are replied by other users. This method does not only pass on Instagram but can also be done on Facebook and Twitter. Likes reply likes, and comments reply comments.

To sum up

By applying the tips above, I’m sure the results will be very cool. That’s Tips for Making Instagram Videos. Hopefully, it can be helpful and useful for you. If there is something you want to add, write it in the comments column. Thank you !

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