Purple Mattress Lawsuit – Update 2021

Purple Mattress Lawsuit – Update 2021

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Purple mattress lawsuit if you’ve heard of Purple mattresses. Mattresses are reviewed on a variety of websites, with both good and bad aspects cited for each one. Are you perplexed as to why customers’ complaints about Purple mattresses? If you’re interested in learning more about the Purple mattress lawsuit or anything else associated with it, keep reading.

When Did It All Begin?

A 2016 research showed that white powder affects skin and health in an irreversible manner. In order to back up his results, Ryan Monahan published a number of articles and videos on his website.

He inquired Purple about the white powder. Monahan said he inquired about the mattress’s function and whether inhalation of the powder may cause harm. When asked about Monahan’s links to GhostBed, Purple said he was attempting to mislead customers and damage the brand’s image by spreading false information about the Purple mattress and both, GhostBed and Monahan, would gain from Purple’s defamation.

The Purple Mattress White Powder

Purple’s usage of a white powder to produce mattresses is one of the company’s most contentious items. A number of studies have indicated that this polyethene-based powder is hazardous. In addition, the Purple mattresses are packaged, shipped, and unpacked using the powder. When compressed, it guarantees that the mattress stays intact.

It is claimed by Purple that the white powder protects the mattresses from adhering when compressed for shipment and transit. There are conflicting reports about the safety of the powder on Honest Mattress Reviews’ website. Due to the mattress cover’s ability to keep it out, it has no effect on the skin of those sleeping on it. Ryan Monahan had a different opinion, despite the fact that the manufacturer had received a lot of favorable feedback.

According to Honest Mattress Reviews, the powder in Purple mattresses might have a harmful impact on health. As a result of these claims, Purple decided to sue the reviewer in February 2017. There was no connection between the charges made by Monahan and the mattress or powder, they said. Why did the reviewer start a debate in the first place? A closer look is in order.

Purple Mattress Sues Honest Reviews

GhostBed CEO Werner and Monahan were served with a restraining order in February 2017. According to the court order, the reviewer must remove the false assessment of Purple from their website until the case is resolved.

Purple asserted that their mattress’s powder was safe. In addition, they provided the results of a research conducted to demonstrate that the white powder is safe to use. After the evaluation by Werner and Monahan was published, the manufacturer undertook a private investigation to verify that the review was an act of deceit.

Both Monahan and Werner, as predicted, were adamantly opposed to the order, claiming that they were not partners in business.

What was the Purple Mattress Lawsuit Investigation Outcome?

Purple Mattress launched an inquiry and found that Monahan was in constant touch with GhostBed CEO Werner. As a result of their investigation, they discovered that the two were going to launch a public smear campaign against the Purple firm.

It was also found out later that Monahan was the owner of a business called Social Media Shark. Achieve, a subsidiary of GhostBed, paid this firm 10,000 dollars a month from GhostBed. As a result of these facts, it was concluded that the defendants had engaged in an anti-Purple campaign of harassment.

Purple Mattress Lawsuit Verdict

After reviewing the findings of the Purple mattress inquiry, Judge Bee Denson gave Purple a preliminary injunction. On their website Honest Mattress Reviews, Monahan and Werner published fraudulent information regarding the Purple mattress, according to the judge. The court granted Purple the attorney fees and the money they spent in pursuing the complaint.

Is Purple Mattress Dangerous?

It is clear from Purple mattresses’ toxicological study that the white powder used in the making of their mattresses does not have any negative impact on its customers. Other goods made from polyethylene copolymer powder include food and beverage containers as well as cosmetics and other personal care items.

Also, the powder is utilized to make medical equipment. Polyethene pacifiers and chew toys include it, in case you didn’t know. If you’ve already used this powder in a variety of different products, you may not have noticed any negative impacts on your health. The Purple mattress lawsuit revealed that the product was safe to use. Because of the Purple mattress issue, you may now enjoy all of the product’s advantages without fear.

What Made the Purple Mattresses So Popular?

With its gel-like feel and exceptional comfort, purple mattresses are a popular choice among internet shoppers. When it comes to pressure relief and support, this is the only mattress featuring a Hyper-Elastic PolymerTM.

The Purple mattresses come in a bag, which is how they are sent and received. If you like to sleep on your side, stomach, or back, this mattress is the best option for you. Hyper-elastic polymer provides a unique sleeping experience for its consumers.

There’s no reason not to give the Purple mattress a try if you’re looking for something new. With a BMI of less than 30, it can easily accommodate overweight, tiny, and average-sized persons.

Because Purple provides a 100-night trial period, you may return the mattress before it expires. For those who aren’t sure whether they want to buy it or not, this offer is a great way to test the waters. You’ll discover whether it’s right for you, and then you can make an informed choice. Regardless of how well it’s received by others, your body is the ultimate arbiter.

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