How Are Push Notifications Technically Designed & Do Push Notifications Increase Retention?

How Are Push Notifications Technically Designed & Do Push Notifications Increase Retention?


You must get notifications of things you did not even search for, at least at some point. Well, it may seem that you did not ask for the information; however, the reality is different.

You still get such notifications because you probably allowed the publisher to do so in the past. We often visit different sites or apps, subscribe to them, and do not remember this later.

These types of notifications are usually known to be push notifications. Here we will discuss more this and how this helps increase user retention.

What Is A Push Notification?

Push notifications appear as a pop-up message on the user’s device irrespective of their browser. It slides like little banners into your view even when the app or website is not open.

Companies use these as communication channels to quickly provide information, deals, offers, sales, news, etc., to the users. They receive these notifications as long as the browsers or apps they are subscribed to are running on their device. 

Elements Of A Push Notification

Push notifications consist of multiple elements. Its basic structure includes a URL, title, image, and a message to convey.

  • The title must be as crisp as possible, having an engaging and urgent tone. For example, a push notification’s title can be “Don’t ignore this deal!” or “You can’t miss this!”
  • Push notification’s body or messages are short, conveying the offer or deals within a few words. It comes right under the title and usually includes a call to action like “Order now to get flat 40% OFF on your purchase!”
  • Under that comes the small banner that usually has a catchy design or graphic image with a small catchy note.

Hence, push notifications are simple, crisp, attractive, and engaging to compel the user to click on them. Read more: Online Health Media, Tech Trends Pro, Follow The Fashion, Wp Blogger Tips, Tech Net Deals.

Classifications Of Push Notifications

Depending on where the users or subscribers get the notifications, we can classify them into the following types:

Web Push Notification

These notifications are mainly used as a communication channel by website owners to connect with their subscribers. Also, these are more precise in terms of subscribers’ intent, reference, and convenience than the other types. 

Marketers of websites use these to increase their loyal visitors and encourage them to come back. Thus, users can receive these messages both on desktop and mobile. 

Mobile App Push Notification

While users receive web push notifications from websites, app push notifications pop up to increase engagement on apps. 

These alerts or messages appear on top of the user’s mobile. They inform users about deals or other news in the app to compel them to visit the app.

Desktop Push Notification

Desktop push notifications, on the other hand, only appear on desktops. The purpose of these notifications is similar to the others, increasing engagement and encouraging users to revisit. 

However, these messages only come from products or sites running on desktops. Thus, its fundamentals are slightly tricky and require the expertise of a developer.

Inbox Push Notification

Some websites or apps send notifications that they usually store in the inbox section. It comes in handy as the notifications do not disappear after a limited period. 

Instead, it remains in the app or website inbox, where visitors can find those anytime. They just need to click on the inbox icon to check the new alert. Read more: Social Media Magazine, Search Engine Magazine, Content Rally, Online News Buzz, Real Wealth Business.

Push Notification For Wearables

Push notifications on wearable devices like smartwatches are the same as mobile app notifications. It is because users usually synchronize such devices with their smartphones. 

Therefore, the notifications are actually the app notifications coming on a phone. However, these messages look different on the wearables than on a smartphone having fewer characters.

Other than these options, push notifications can also be classified upon campaigns. These includes:

  • Abandoned cart notification
  • Call-to-action rich notification
  • Triggered notification
  • Geo-location notification
  • Reminder notification etc.

How Does A Push Notification Work?

The functionality of push notifications involves four significant aspects to engage users. First comes the opt-in message, then choosing the context, followed y personalizations, and lastly, the landing.

Let’s talk about these in brief.

Hit It Right With And Opt-in Message

You must get your users’ permission to send them any push notification. It takes just a click on the “allow” button in the opt-in message. Opt-in messages are the first message that you send your visitor to allow you to send notifications.

Therefore, hitting your visitor to turn them into subscribers with the right opt-in message is vital. Visitors most likely ignore default messages. So, try to provide context that talks about the value your notifications can add to them.

Choose Your Words Mindfully

Once you get permission from your subscribers, it is time for the actual action. Remember, you only have limited characters to fit in your push notification. Thus, you have minimal options to trigger your users’ interest.

Therefore, you must choose your words wisely. An engaging call-to-action, fascinating sensory words, and a tone of urgency will do the magic efficiently. Read more: Mashum Mollah, Online Marketing Tools, Finance Team, Blog Stellar, Sb News Room, Rsl Online.

Personalization Is A Game Changer

I recently started noticing that the app I order my foods from sends me more notifications about Chinese cuisine. No wonder they did their research on my order behavior and personalized this message of great deals on Chinese foods.

Similarly, customers feel good when the message seems to be made just to send them. Although the app owner is sending it to a segment of similar interest, it is more likely to be checked.

Land Your Users Where it is Needed

Finally, you must take your consumers to the page or part of your website when they click on your notification. It annoys them if they land on the wrong page and find nothing similar to the push notification’s promise.

Is A Push Notification Differs From Other Communication channels?

In an era of technological advancement, text messages are too outdated for people to check. Additionally, the click-through rates from messages and emails are even worse. Although these are add-ons to the communication channel option, they are not making any impact.

We cannot deny that email has enormous importance as a communication channel. However, its efficiency in engaging the audience is significantly low. Therefore, marketers must adopt an alternative to push notifications.

Push notifications are much more efficient than email and SMS in the following aspects:

  • These are high engaging, deliverable, and get more clicks.
  • Push notifications are extremely prompt.
  • It has the ability to use diverse media.
  • Marketers can use it for linking to specific pages.
  • It comes with options of personalizations.
  • Push notification also helps make communication more dynamic.

How Are Push Notifications Helping To Increase Retention?

Now that you know what push notifications are, you must be thinking if they really serve their purpose. When it comes to user retention, push notifications can boost it 4 to 8 times more than emails. 

Here is how it actually helps in increasing retention.

Makes User Engagement Dynamic

Push notifications are far more than other communication channels. It makes your engagement with your audience much more dynamic by letting you personalize. 

Depending on their behavior, you can send automatic or personalized notifications to your users. Also, personalizing gives you the freedom to send your users timely and relevant content to their preferences.

Provides Reminder Of Updates

Push notifications convey a message to the users about something that they might need at that time. For example, updates of your app or websites that improve users’ lifestyle or plans add value to them. 

Therefore, relying on a thorough behavioral study and passing information that your user needs helps them keep engaging. For instance, updates on offers on movie tickets your users are searching for make them visit your site.

Showing Urgent News And new Content

Push notifications allow your blog subscribers instantly know about a new update, news, or content that may interest you. Users like it more when you personalize your message depending on users’ likes and preferences. 

For example, you can send notifications for non-veg recipes to some subscribers if you own a cooking blog. On the other hand, subscribers who love sweets will enjoy notifications of dessert recipes more.

Reduces Cart Abandonment

Push notifications are a great help for e-commerce platforms to have orders of products abandoned by their customers. In addition, you can analyze your customers’ carts and send them deals on products that they have kept there.

On the other hand, you can push a message of great offers to your daily consumers. Thus, you can excite them to reorder something that they usually buy. Read more: Tour And Travel Blog, Dream And Travel, Dream Land estate.

Wrapping It Up

Push notifications ease your marketing endeavors by reaching out to your audience with direct messages. These broaden your scope of driving engagement to your business without the stress of lead generation. Now your audiences are just an opt-in click away from turning into your loyal subscribers. 

So, that was all about push notifications. If these pieces of information help you, spread it to more people with the same interest.

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