Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays or Will you have to wait till Monday?

Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays or Will you have to wait till Monday?

Even while Amazon has established many brick-and-mortar locations and bought the Whole Foods Market supermarket brand, Amazon remains largely an online retailer. As a result, Amazon’s Prime service is commonly used by consumers to have their items delivered to their homes, workplaces, or other locations.


In addition to the USPS, Amazon distributes items seven days a week. Faster delivery options, including Sunday delivery, may come with additional fees.

How Amazon’s Sunday Delivery Works?

The UPS, USPS, and other independent couriers and carriers are some of the delivery carriers that Amazon works with.

So does Amazon deliver on Sundays? Sunday delivery isn’t available with all of these companies. Although UPS is offering Saturday delivery, the service on Sundays is not currently available. A small number of clients, notably Amazon, and certain premium services, like Priority Mail Express, get Sunday delivery from the USPS. A postal worker may still deliver an Amazon delivery on Sunday, even if normal mail service is not being offered for that day.

Delivery on Sundays is not always assured by Amazon’s basic Prime plan, but it offers unlimited two-day shipping and additional perks such as access to streaming music. However, in rare situations, some goods may be delivered on Sundays with the regular Prime guarantee in some locations.

Using Prime On a Sunday

On occasion, Prime Now, a service that provides same-day or even two-hour free delivery, is available via Prime. Does Amazon deliver on Sundays via Prime? On Sundays, Prime Now is accessible, but only in specific ZIP codes and for certain products. Availability is subject to change without notice.

Delivery of groceries and meals from Whole Foods and adjacent restaurants is available on Sunday in select regions.

Purchases over $35 qualify for free delivery on the same day or the next day for Prime members, while smaller orders may be eligible for an expedited delivery for a fee. Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you may pay to expedite your items and get them delivered the same day, the following day, or even on Sunday. 

Using Amazon Lockers

Delivery over the weekend is a handy option for many individuals since someone will be home to accept the package. If you’re not at home when Amazon delivers it, your local supermarket or medicine store may be a convenient location to get an item. When the package arrives, Amazon will notify you and give you an OTP to open the locker, which you can use only once.

When the shop where the lockers are located is open, even on Sunday, you may normally access items sent to the Amazon Locker for a minimum of three days.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Amazon offer Sunday delivery only for those customers who pay $99/year for Amazon Prime?

All Amazon customers may benefit from Sunday delivery. It is possible to order an item on Friday and have it by Sunday if you have a Prime membership. Amazon, for example, promised to deliver one of the four goods I ordered on Sunday after I made the order on Friday. To my surprise, it arrived on Saturday, one day after I made the purchase.

What can a non-Prime customer expect?

On Sunday, non-Prime members may also get packages. On the other hand, a friend purchased an item on a Tuesday and chose regular delivery. It arrived on Sunday, five days after the purchase was made, according to Amazon’s guarantee of delivery between three and eight days.

What is the cost of Sunday Delivery by Amazon?

Even though Sunday delivery was free in each of the aforementioned cases, non-Prime clients typically pay normal shipping prices while Prime members enjoy free shipping. Expedited shipping costs would apply to any client who requested a speedier delivery time.

Is Sunday delivery available for all items?

Certainly not. When Amazon is available in your area, it promises that “millions” of products are eligible for free delivery, while it is unclear exactly how many things are eligible. Products like newborn apparel, books, and toys are among the most often bought.

How do I know if a package will arrive on Sunday?

Probably, you will not be aware of this until after you have made your purchase. That’s when Amazon displays a list of the items you’ve purchased as well as the projected delivery dates. A $6.99 baby toothbrush was offered to me on July 13, and the delivery date was set for that day. Amazon made no indication that it was a Sunday in their correspondence.

I usually ship Amazon orders to my office, but it is closed on Sundays. Is there any option to opt out?

No mechanism to opt out of Sunday delivery has been found that we have been able to locate. We have attempted to contact an Amazon spokesman for clarification, but have not received a response.

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