7 Must Have Business Automation Tools for Small Businesses

7 Must Have Business Automation Tools for Small Businesses

To date, many organizations have witnessed massive business growth or have increased their workforce strength considerably. But along with growth, these organizations also have to face many challenges in managing their workforce efficiently. If you have encountered such a circumstance, you are not alone. 

Helping you in dealing with this situation, online automated solutions have now become the backbone of many small, mid-size, and large enterprises. Also, because of the positive effects of technology, many businesses have received valuable benefits. Choosing one such platform for your business can be a valuable contribution to organizational growth. 

While procuring automated solutions, you may find a myriad of solutions in the market for different categories, leaving you all confused. So, we have listed here the most essential and beneficial software for businesses to automate different operations in 2022. 

7 Must-Have Tools for Businesses

Here we have narrowed down some well-known and valuable tools that you must keep on your radar. You can evaluate them based on your needs and see if they suit your needs. 

Range – Best for Team Communication

Communication in any team is critical to ensure that each member stays in sync with others and the ongoing project. The team communication platform offered by Range is completely reliable, whether you are working at an office or any remote location. 

With the check-ins and goal management feature, it helps organizations improve team building by keeping team members aligned with each other without any requirement of frequent meetings. Manage multiplayer agendas and organize important discussions to keep employees engaged and updated. 

Other features include project and task management, meeting platforms, employee directory, and OKR tracking. Overall, this tool allows you to create a culture of accountability and productivity. You can also integrate Range with around 75+ tools like Asana, Slack, Github, etc., and track your employees’ progress efficiently.

Workzone – Best for Project Management

Project management tools help teams to plan, organize and manage different projects. Workzone is a robust yet easy-to-use project management platform that empowers hard-working teams to accomplish their goals. Major useful features are project collaborations, custom reporting, document management, and task management. The solution works best for teams like marketing, software development, agencies, engineering, IT support, and operations.

To gain insights into all your projects at once, you can leverage the dashboard and track where your projects are heading. The in-built simplified workflows help you control your project creation, requests, and approval.

With Workzone, you can establish broader project visibility and manage a huge number of projects efficiently. Once tasks, deadlines, etc., are defined for any project, the platform lets team members focus on their individual goals and improve productivity using personalized to-do lists and real-time reminders. 

factoTime – Best for Time Tracking

With the help of an attendance tracking tool, organizations can monitor their employees’ presence at both offices and remote places and reduce any time thefts. factoTime is a mobile-first employee time tracking platform that enables small businesses and startups to monitor employee attendance, manage multiple shifts, calculate salaries, and a lot more. 

Using its feature-rich mobile application, employees can mark their attendance using a punch with selfie + location and punch with QR code. This helps organizations ensure authenticated attendance. In addition to this main feature, employees can also view their attendance details, total hours worked, and overtime. 

You can also create different shift types for employees, define pay rates and calculate the salary based on that, and define a holiday calendar. factoTime also provides a feature-rich web portal with similar features.

SurveyLegend – Best for Employee Surveys

SurveyLegend is an engaging cloud-based solution, great for small businesses. Using the drag-and-drop functionality, you can create and manage surveys with custom questions as per your requirements and track employees’ responses. It also provides other customizations like input format for answers, mandatory response, conditional logic, and much more.  

This is not it, but you can also analyze the employee responses using different charts like bar, pie, NPS, etc., export and share them with the management. This helps you get better insights to improve engagement in the company. You can also share survey links on social media platforms to get improved feedback.

AccountingSeed – Best for Accounting Management

Finance is one of the vital operations for organizations to manage, but integrated accounting software can always help.

AccountingSeed is an innovative, robust, and flexible solution that helps organizations manage their accounting needs in a better way. It empowers you to streamline your complex accounting, all while helping you ditch your old and tedious spreadsheets. In addition, it allows you to automate your billing, manage cards for direct payments, simplify your purchasing requirements, get real-time data insights, and keep your accounting and payment information secure.

With endless options to configure and customize according to needs, you can improve your organizational growth. It also readily collaborates and integrates with Salesforce CRM to give you the best financial management.

Acquire – Best for Customer Support/Service

Growing companies need to manage and prioritize their customer support, which can be simplified with the help of software.

Acquire gives you a single, cloud-based, and integrated platform to make your customer service streamlined and satisfactory. It is an exemplary solution for small businesses, which helps reduce the gap between sales representatives and customers and thus is receiving great traction from small businesses.  

It comes with an AI-powered chatbot to manage simple queries of the customer. You can also prioritize your customers’ requirements with the personalized and easy-to-use live chat option. Whereas with the co-browsing functionality, you can quickly engage with your customers and provide them an in-person experience. Thus, it is really a delightful app if you are a small business.

SocialPilot – Best for Social Media Management

If you have a huge social media audience, organizing accounts and engaging with visitors/prospects can be a piece of cake if you procure a social media management solution. SocialPilot is an all-in-one social marketing platform designed especially for small businesses like you. Using it, you can publish and schedule posts on multiple social networking platforms without logging into the platform itself. You can also schedule posts in bulk. 

With the help of its social calendar feature, you can get a bird’s eye view of all your posts and other details. Not only this, but SocialPilot’s powerful data-driven analytics and white-label reports help you make better decisions and improve your visibility on social media. Its content curation feature gives you references so that you can build new ideas for posting.

Additionally, with its social inbox, you can easily engage with your target audiences and keep track of your conversations on different social networking platforms.

Ending Notes

You may find plenty of solutions in the market fulfilling your business needs, but the above-mentioned ones are chosen after ensuring the flexibility offered in the features. They are affordable as well. As a growing business, you need to analyze your needs to pick the right software. Automating business operations from an early stage can help you a lot in optimizing your team’s efficiency and other strategic processes. 


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