4 Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

4 Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Are you thinking about installing solar panels? It’s estimated that by 2024, 2.5% of houses in America will have them. This might not sound like an impressive number, but that’s around 3.5 million homes with solar power.

There are lots of benefits of solar panels, but there are also a number of things to consider before you go ahead and have them installed. We’re going to take a look at 4 things which could influence your decision. 

Keep reading to learn whether solar power is something you should seriously consider.

1) Type of Roof

While solar panels can be fitted to almost every roof with the help of a roofer in Harrison Township, MI, or a roofer wherever you are based, the type of roof you have may affect how long the installation takes.

The most common roofing materials in America are asphalt shingles, but some roofs have Spanish, or barrel roof tiles. These are potentially slightly more difficult to install solar panels on, so it’s worth researching this and factoring it into your decision.

When you contact a solar panel company like Blue Raven Solar, an expert will visit your property and inspect not just the type of roof, but the quality. If it’s an old roof with lots of cracked tiles, they’ll likely recommend you replace and repair the roof before installing solar panels.

2) Sun Exposure

It goes without saying really—solar panels need the sun! But one of the most important factors in determining the viability of a property for solar panels is the amount of direct sunlight the roof will get.

When you have your roof inspected, the expert will also look at the angle of the roof and any spots of shading. If, for example, you live in a house that is overshadowed by a larger property for long periods throughout the day, solar panels may not be the best option.

These factors will all affect solar panel placement.

3) Power Requirements

Every home has a different dynamic—an elderly couple may only have a small number of electrical devices on top of kitchen appliances, like a TV, radio, and some lamps.

On the other hand, picture a young family with 4 kids, each of who have their own devices, televisions, and games consoles. The energy requirements will be much, much higher. Even a family of 2 can have high energy needs if they are thinking of having an EV charger installation done so that they can charge their vehicles daily.

These are all things to take into consideration as your power requirements determine how many solar panels you’ll need. The more solar panels you need, the more wiring will need to be done too. Wiring is a simple enough job, but it can be dangerous, so you should only ever use professional electricians like those on silverwaterplumbing.com.au/electrician-sydney/ to do the work for you.

This is something to take into consideration as the power requirements determine how many solar panels you’ll need.

4) Are You in Your Forever Home?

It takes time to fully reap the benefits of solar power, even though your bills will come down straight away. The cost of solar panels is fairly high, and it may be 5-6 years before you make the money back that you spent.

If you’re the type of person who moves a lot for work, or you have a growing family, it may be best to wait until you are settled in a home you see yourself in for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, you could find some other ways to save money on your electricity bills.

Is Installing Solar Panels For You?

Considering these 4 factors, you should be able to decide if installing solar panels is something you can do right away, or if you should wait. If it’s something you are thinking about doing for sure, why not start saving now, even if you don’t plan on getting them installed until later?

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