3 Reasons Your Business Should Use a VPN Service

3 Reasons Your Business Should Use a VPN Service

The Clear VPN app has become wildly popular in the residential market, with many households having a version of the app on their mobile devices and desktop computers. Yet, few people realize the benefits that VPN services offer businesses as a whole. These days, when your competitors can track you from your home all the way to your vacation in Aruba, it is more important than ever to use VPN in every facet of your life–especially your business.

Keep Yourself and Your Staff Anonymous Online

You already know the many benefits of being anonymous online when using the internet yourself, but think of a broader level with regards to how it affects your business and your staff. 

Remember that your business is under constant attack and surveillance. Hackers are whispered about as a scare story told by anti-virus programs, and where they are a risk to people at home, they are more of a risk to businesses and companies around the country. This is because businesses are where the big money resides.

Hackers and online malcontents need to gather as much information about your company as possible if they are going to do things like apply for credit cards in your name, or steal your data, insert ransomware, etc. The more information they can gather, the easier their job becomes. 

VPN services work against hackers and online malcontents.VPN services work against hackers and online malcontents. So using a VPN service may protect you from all the risks while browsing the internet. Visit EarthWeb to get more accurate knowledge about VPN services. It helps to hide what you and your staff are doing online, which makes it more difficult to steal your information and/or insert malware into your systems. Knowledge is a hacker’s best friend, and VPN services deny them that knowledge.

Securely Enter Business and Financial Information

Of all the reasons to use VPN, this could be one of the most important if your business happens to handle a lot of financial or sensitive information over the internet. When you use VPN, your information is encrypted between your computers and the servers being used by the VPN company. This offers yet another layer of security protection for the information you are passing around the internet. Even if a hacker makes it through your firewalls, all that person is going to see is a bunch of encrypted information. Top security is required when you are dealing with things like:

  • Business intelligence capital 
  • Bank information
  • Data from your customers
  • Staff personal information
  • Purchase and sales data
  • Anything relating to your insurance
  • Suppliers and client information
  • Security information of any variety

What’s more, if the information is intercepted, it is not worth the hackers time trying to decrypt it because stealing somebody’s information requires a lot of decrypting. Plus, the most powerful hacks are the ones that happen in the moment, such as during your online session with your online bank account. By the time the information has been decrypted by the hacker, you have long finished your banking activities and your online session has expired. What the hacker has decrypted is nothing more than an old session on your bank website, through which the hacker learns nothing at all. 

Stop Big Tech From Following You

We all make jokes about how we say something in front of our phones, and then five minutes later we are seeing ads for the things we spoke about. Yet, there is a clear and obvious correlation between marketing efforts and what your staff see and research. The big tech companies are harvesting data on you, and it affects your spending habits and how you market your own goods.

For example, if you are running a YouTube campaign, you need to set up VPN services on other computers to see what your consumers are seeing because what YouTube presents to you will be very different. Even things like showing you if you are live and featured on the YouTube home page is not clear unless you have another method by which to view the platform. 

It is not just Google and YouTube promotion that you need to worry about. The social media networks track which computers are yours and they angle your viewing experience to make you spend more. You notice your competitors ads more than your own, and the variety of suggested media is angled towards you in a way that it isn’t angled towards your viewers. With the use of VPN, you get a clearer look at what other people are seeing, especially if you clear your cookies and temp files before turning your VPN on.

Do not forget that big tech are not the only ones following you. You can buy services where competitors watch competitors. These services range from things like watching what you post on the internet to help judge your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods, to figuring out where you are advertising and what you are spending on your ads. All of this information is far more difficult for other people to figure out and verify if you are using VPN services. They may be able to track your advertisements, but much of the information they need to create a solid profile on you is lost because your staff members are not acting from a single hub – they are using VPN servers that could be located in other countries for all your competitors know.

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