Top 10 iPhone Colors Ranked According to the Highest Resale Value

Top 10 iPhone Colors Ranked According to the Highest Resale Value

The iPhone is a beautiful device, in different colors. Apple has a knack for making things that are beautiful in the physical sense and also in the functional sense. They have managed to make an item that people want to buy–for full price!–simply because it is new. If you need further proof of this, there’s nothing like checking out eBay to see what you can get for your used version of the latest iPhone six months later! So which color iPhones hold their value best? That’s where we come in with our list of the top 10 iPhone colors ranked according to resale value!

1) Space Gray (iPhone 6s Plus)

For the iPhone 6s Plus, Space Gray isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude! This sleek, dark gray shade has been known to make people turn their heads at the coolness factor. Unfortunately for future owners of this model, they will have to settle for second place when it comes to resale value.  Did you know you could get a wholesale iphone

2) Black (iPhone 4)

The iPhone 4’s black color pales in comparison to its successor, but still manages to be one of the top 10 most valuable versions of the beloved device and is even slightly better than its third successive counterpart: white.

3) White (iPhone 5)

White has always been a fan favorite and was even rated as “the best color” by Vogue ! Somehow the old saying, “white sale” has managed to stick with us throughout the years despite its insensitivity. Somehow this color is still worth the top 10 resale value.

4) Silver (iPhone 4s)

Silver seems like it may be a distant relative of Space Gray, but at least silver comes in at third place for iPhone 4s resale value! The only way that they are related is their lack of popularity compared to their gray counterparts.

5) Gold (iPhone 6/6+)

Gold phones are not my favorite–nor are they popular among my friends–but there must be something about this color that screams class and sophistication because gold manages to stay on our list of the top 10 iPhone colors ranked according to resale value and holds third place for the iPhone 6+!

6) White (iPhone 4s)

The second white iPhone on our list is none other than the 4s. While this version of the phone has been rotating at the bottom of our resale value list over the last few years, it’s still a beautiful device in one very popular color: white!

7) Rose Gold (iPhone 6s/6s+)

Oh boy, if there were ever a color that I can’t stand [besides leather] it would be rose gold. Just like its predecessor [gold] rose gold manages to stay relevant in today’s society and hold a respectable seventh place ranking among top 10 iPhone colors according to resale value. It doesn’t hurt that it’s currently the shade of the year either!

8) White (iPhone 5s)

White is yet again holding it down for its iPhone brethren, even if they are not as pretty. The color white doesn’t exactly scream “high value” but perhaps Apple fans like their electronics to be bright and beautiful like an angel.

9) Jet Black (iPhone 7/7+)

I personally love the current trend of matte devices because they look much sleeker than their glossy counterparts, but I can understand why people would prefer something shiny or metallic-looking. With this in mind, I’d like to think that black phones could keep up with silver and gold because matte has become popular recently; however, my friends beg to differ. They insist that Shiny is where it’s at and Jet Black has managed to fall into ninth place for resale value among the best iPhone colors!

10) White (iPhone 6s)

The last on our list of the top 10 iPhone colors ranked according to resale value is white! I hate to say this sounding like a broken record, but it seems as though almost all white iPhones do very well when it comes time to sell them on eBay or Swappa . It may be worth considering purchasing a white iPhone if you are looking for an affordable Apple device.

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