5 Router Tips To Have Uninterrupted WiFi During Work From Home

5 Router Tips To Have Uninterrupted WiFi During Work From Home

Working from home sounds like a good plan, but it has its disadvantages also. They’re too many distractions, and a relaxed environment makes it harder to work at home. The outbreak of Covid-19 has restrained the whole world due to which employees have to work from home. With everybody working from home these days, a slow internet connection can be a huge problem. In the middle of this pandemic, a good Internet connection is a must. 

Here are 5 tips that can help you get uninterrupted WIFI at home even if you don’t know much about your router’s settings.

Place The Router On A High Surface

You might have noticed how people place their phones at a height when people don’t get a good signal. The router should be kept off the ground to receive and transmit signals better and efficiently. Also, make sure that the platform at which the router is placed should be clutter-free and clean, appliances like microwave, toaster, and printer should not be kept near the router to avoid interference and a stronger signal.

The perfect location of the router is critical so that it can receive signals quickly. The router should always be in the middle of the house for better connectivity to not be surrounded by adjacent walls. While placing the router, keep in mind that it’s closer to an open place like your balcony.

A Quick Speed Check

 It’s always better to do a quick speed check before joining an important meeting or a call. A wrong or disrupted network can not only irritate, but it’s also perceived as unprofessional. There are many Internet Speed Testing apps available on the web. You will have an idea about your router’s speed and that if you’re getting in return, what you’re paying for. 

If the Speed Tests show too many disruptions, try blocking Ads. Almost every website has advertisements playing. We don’t notice that many of these ads are playing in the background, which drains the internet. Sites are full of gifs, pictures, commercials, and auto-played videos. 

Advertisements might not seem like an immediate problem to you, but for the internet, it is, and in the longer run, it will add up in the wastage of data. Install anti-malware software, which helps in blocking spam advertisements.


Sometimes, we don’t necessarily give much thought to passwords and how strong they should be. There is a reason why most websites ask for a strong password with all sorts of upper case, lower case characters. It’s to keep the hackers at bay. If several devices are connected to one router or service, the signal or speed will be slow for sure. Cut off unused devices. 

These devices are merely just lagging your message. You can also limit your data usage by making a Guest Connection so that when you will share your wifi password with your guests, you can easily define the usage of the internet.


This is the age of going wireless. Everybody prefers not having cables which cause obvious hassles and reduce the clutter. Wires need to be continuously taken care However, cable connections like Ethernet will always be faster. They are more work, for sure, but the cable gets a direct signal to the device instead of relying on the air-signals which can be disrupted by factors such as heavy rainfall, storms, etc.

Give It A Break

One of the biggest reasons for slow internet out there are data caps. The data cap is when you’re given a specific limit of data, and you exhaust it. In this case, internet service providers will automatically restrict the data’s speed being provided to you.

Now, we know that due to quarantine, the data usage has skyrocketed. Still, to have a good and uninterrupted wifi connection, it is essential that the router is given a break and isn’t exhausted. The router-modem will not magically boost the internet speed, but it will fix the emergency.

There are various other steps that you can take to avoid Interrupted wifi speed. Trying to detangle your cables can also work in some cases. It’s imperative to keep the wires and cables detangled at all times. Not only does it help in avoiding hassles, but it also helps clear the mind. Having a clear working station results in better work progress, concentration, and zeal to work.


If nothing works, then try Switching your internet service provider with the help of this article. Sometimes, the problem lies in the internet service provider itself. This tip isn’t the easiest one, and it might cause hassles with changing plans and service providers, but it will save you money in the longer run. If your internet service provider is going to give you slow speed data irrespective of the amount of money that is being paid, it’s time for a swap.


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