Five Benefits of Playing the Ludo Game Online

Five Benefits of Playing the Ludo Game Online

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Ludo has always been popular all around the world. However, to the people of India, the games emotional importance. People grow up playing the game with their family and friends. There is a certain taste of nostalgia bound to the game. Nowadays, Ludo has not only become the most popular traditional board game but also a digital game. There are many digital versions available online and they have made Ludo fans go crazy with the mesmerising online versions of the classic board game. While the offline version of Ludo has been popular for a long time, it is no surprise that the game has also taken hold online and people are enjoying the new version as much as the online one.

With the online version, you would be able to play with people all over the world. You do not have to limit yourself to the Ludo lovers in your family and friends circle but also with other people, who love this game as much as you do. The Ludo game loading online has the potential to break geographical barriers and let you enjoy a digital, yet fun-filled experience anywhere in the world. It is not only a fun game but you can also develop your cognitive skills by playing Ludo. The game requires proper planning and strategy to win.

History of Ludo

While the exact origins of Ludo are uncertain, it is said that the first-ever documentation of a game like Ludo was found in the caves of Ellora, in Maharashtra. The historic caves have depictions of a board game similar to Ludo in the form of illustrations. This seems to suggest that Ludo is an Indian creation. For centuries, the game was played in many forms. It was played on several mediums like cloth, slate, boards using seeds, shells,  staves or dice. The game evolved along the way and now, the mainstream version is the most popular one. Ludo is so popular that people can also download one of the online versions on their phones and play it remotely.

While Ludo is considered to have originated in India, the game has been popular worldwide for many decades. For instance, the Indian version is also known as Chausar, Chopad or Pachisi. The Spanish one is known as Parcheesi and the Chinese called it Chatush pada (meaning four cloth). British used to call it Uckers and it was popular in the Royal Navy. Apart from that, it was called Fia in Sweden, Petits Chevaux in French, Trouble in North America and Ludu in Africa, among many others. While each version has its own rules and regulations, the core features of the game are pretty much constant.

What are the Health Benefits of Playing the Ludo Game?

Board games have always been a popular pastime in households. Be it kids or adults, Ludo has a special place in our hearts. No get-together or house party is complete with playing a board game. In the world of digitalisation, Ludo has taken over the world. During the pandemic, people are spending more and more time at homes. They are reconnecting with the old game and being able to play with people online and meet them virtually. If you are planning to make new friends sharing the same interests and love regarding the game, online Ludo games are perfect for you.

Here are some reasons why playing Ludo might be beneficial for you.

It triggers your cognitive abilities

Board games are said to polish up your cognitive skills by contributing to rapid brain development. Ludo is a very strategic game. For instance, the randomness of the dice makes it impossible to predict the winner and one has to be on their feet and keep building dynamic strategies in order to win. Online games are more challenging as the programming and algorithms are changing all the time.

It improves your concentration power

Ludo requires their players to stay alert throughout the game. The game is very dynamic and requires its players to be constantly alert and strategizing in order to win. This increases the concentration in the long run.

It helps you cope with any mental illness

Since the game pushes your cognitive skills, it helps fight ailments like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It is also an enjoyable game that helps people interact with each other and combat stress, depression and anxiety. 

It teaches you important life skills

Ludo is a strategic game that will teach you many life skills. In this game, you either win or lose. So, it helps you to cope with losses and not become too overwhelmed by success. It also helps you learn the importance of sportsmanship, decision-making ability, and teamwork.

It is a fun game

Finally, it is the perfect family entertainer. You can play it with your family after coming from a busy day of work or school. If you are having a house party, Ludo is a great way to entertain your guests while having some fun yourself.

Final Take

There are no shortages of online games. However, it is essential to choose a game that would help you improve yourself while having a lot of fun.

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