Updated List of 100+ Websites and Blogs that Accept Guest Posts in 2020

Updated List of 100+ Websites and Blogs that Accept Guest Posts in 2020

Fresh List of 100+ Websites and Blogs that Accepts Guest Articles

Investing your time and money in the guest posting to authoritative sites will not only drive the traffic, boost the appearance on the search engine result pages, but also provide a strong backlink for your website. However, finding the free article posting sites or instant approval blog submission sites can be a challenging task. Fortunately, Tech Ranger is around the corner to draw attention to your brand and drive necessary traffic to your website. As one of the best guests posting sites, Tech Ranger will not only allow you to target a specific audience with the quality content but will allow you to achieve a higher position on the search ladder.

Here are some of the top categories of Tech Ranger that are impossible on any other guest blog sites in 2020. We welcome high-quality content that is designed to catch attention and educate readers through their well-versed tone.

Technology Guest Posting Websites & Blogs

It actually matters when you are about to spend your hard-earned money on some random gadget. That’s where technology guest posting sites in 2020 comes to your rescue by giving you access to the information you are searching for. Publish technology blogs to make it effortless for your audience to choose the right tech gadget for their needs.

WebsitesCategoriesDAPAContribution Link
The Guardian Tech, Entrepreneurship, Business, Finance9561 Contribute Link
Forbes Tech, Entrepreneurship, Business, Finance9582 Contribute Link
TechcrunchTech, Entrepreneurship, Business, Startups9477 Contribute Link
TechengerTechnology, Gadgets&Apps1520 Contribute Link
Tech RepublicTech, Education, Web development8766 Contribute Link
HongkiatWeb design, technology8554 Contribute Link
TechmodTechnology, gadgets, games, internet5531 Contribute Link
Colocation AmericaTechnology,Education5061 Contribute Link

Travel Guest Posting Websites & Blogs

Ever wondered how sharing your travel stories and experience can bring utmost joy to others? Don’t keep your inspiring experience to yourself, change lives with your travel stories, publish your travel blogs on the travel guest posting sites in 2020, and let your brand get the exposure it deserves. Allow people to find their next meaningful travel destination.

WebsitesCategoriesDAPAContribution Link
HostelBookersTravel7247 Contribute Link
PassingthruTravel,Lifestyle4128 Contribute Link
Trails UnblazedTravel3734 Contribute Link
theplanetDTravel6846 Contribute Link
Outdoor HolidaysTravel,Lifestyle2125 Contribute Link
TenoblogTravel,Lifestyle,Technology,Business2937 Contribute Link
TournTravel PlannerTravel1616 Contribute Link
Turtle VerseTravel1725 Contribute Link

Business Guest Posting Websites & Blogs

Help others to start, manage, and grow their small and large-sized businesses while ranking higher on the search engine by posting valuable insight tips, resources, and tools on business guest posting sites in 2020. With Tech Ranger publish business blogs and get featured as one of the best business sites across the web.

WebsitesCategoriesDAPAContribution Link
Business, Marketing5957Contribution Link
Business, Marketing4446Contribution Link
Business, Marketing,Tech5750Contribution Link
Business, Marketing,Social Media4557Contribution Link
Digital Media Ghost
Business, Marketing,Social Media3130Contribution Link
Business InsiderBusiness, Marketing8549Contribution Link
Venture BeatBusiness9270Contribution Link
Business Partner MagazineBusiness, Marketing2938Contribution Link
zumvuBusiness, Marketing4648Contribution Link
Business Finance ArticlesBusiness,Finance,Marketing4039Contribution Link

Education Guest Posting Websites & Blogs

Educate your readers by publishing Education blogs on different changes that are taking place across the globe. Known as the best education guest posting site in 2020, Tech Ranger will give you direct exposure to the right audience. The instant approval will allow you to get your idea fresh out there as soon as possible.

Health Guest Posting Websites & Blogs

The healthcare sector is getting advanced with each passing day and there is so much more to learn now. Publish health blogs to educate your readers while spreading the word about your brand with health guest posting sites in 2020. Get advantage of the instant approval site and bring your masterpiece into the limelight.

Digital Marketing Guest Posting Websites & Blogs

Publishing your quality guest post on digital marketing guest posting sites in 2020 will not only give the required exposure to your content but also give a meaningful insight of products and services that may be of interest to them. Publish digital marketing blogs on free article posting sites and connect with valuable customers on the web.

Sports and Fitness Guest Posting Websites & Blogs

Looking for a new column to publish your sports and fitness blog? Fortunately, your search comes to an end with the Tech Ranger. As one of the renowned names among the sports and fitness guest posting sites in 2020, the site gives your brand the extra push required to gain the attention of the target customers who are willing to change their lives by incorporating healthy habits into their lives.

Known for his amazing writing and technical blogging skills, Edward Thompson is the admin of the Techenger. Joined back in 2019, after moving from San Francisco to Chicago to switch from his role of staff writer to a guest blogger. Since then, he never looked back to his past. In nutshell, he is a tech enthusiast who loves to write, read, test, evaluate, and spread knowledge about the growing technology that surrounds mankind.

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